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Significant Findings

Once you have completed your Fire Risk Assessment you should record any Significant Findings (Step four of the Risk Assessment process) where:

  • A licence under an enactment is in force.
  • An Alterations Notice under the Fire Safety Order requires it.
  • You are an employer and have five or more employees.

Your Significant Findings should include:

  • A record of the preventative and protective measures which are already in place to control the risk i.e. what has been provided
  • What further action is necessary i.e. what needs to be done, including a reasonable timescale for completion
  • Any group of persons identified as being especially at risk due to their location or any other factor e.g. Those with limiting disabilities, workers in remote locations, persons under the influence of drink or drugs, persons sleeping on the premises, Separated groups i.e. children in crèche, whilst parents are otherwise engaged due to their likely behaviour in a fire situation, lone workers, young persons.
    • The significant hazards identified in the assessment. That is, those hazards which might pose serious risk to workers or others who might be affected by the work activities if they were not properly controlled;
    • The existing control measures in place and the extent to which they control the risks (this need not replicate details of measures more fully described in works manuals etc. but could refer to them);
    • The population which may be affected by these significant risks or hazards, including any groups of employees who are especially at risk.
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