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Members of our Service Prince’s Trust Team programme, which is run through fire stations including Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station, also joined other partners and the public for a community clean-up day for Rimrose Valley park during the week.
The community fire prevention staff in St Helens highlighted fire safety at a coffee morning at Sheringham Close Sheltered Accommodation in Parr, St Helens, as well as holding a talk for Leonard Cheshire Disability’s St Helens Supported Living Service on March 25.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan said: “A working smoke alarm is a vital piece of life-saving equipment for your home and we see very regularly the impact these alarms have across Merseyside in alerting people, giving them the vital seconds they need to escape a fire.”
If you need advice on smoke alarms or want to request
a Home Fire Safety Check contact our 0800 7315958 number where free fire safety advice is also available. More information is also available at
Reaching New Heights
Firefighters and prevention staff in Knowsley took part in work in high-rise blocks during their activities for Home Safety Week.
Knowsley Housing Trust (KHT) is funding smoke alarms and other fire safety equipment as part of a campaign in high rise blocks across Knowsley.
As part of the project firefighters carry out dry riser tests and advocates carry out Home Fire Safety Checks (HFSCs). So far two blocks have been visited in Gaywood Avenue, Kirkby, with 122 fire safety leaflets distributed and 22 HFSCs completed at the locations as part of the initiative. Another 10 blocks are earmarked for visits.
KHT said three high rise blocks in Halewood had also been visited and smoke alarms installed in them.
Kevin Shields, Facilities and Estate Services Manager at KHT, said: “Working with Merseyside Fire & Rescue we are able to ensure our tenants’ safety which is of the utmost importance. Not only have we been able to test equipment such as smoke alarms
but we are able to speak to our tenants and ensure that they are aware of being fire safe in their homes.”
As part of Home Safety Week, a fire appliance from Whiston and one from Huyton community fire stations staged a campaign on March 22 visiting properties and people who are thought to be at greater risk of experiencing a fire or being more vulnerable if a fire occurs. The campaign focused on two routes which included 114 properties in the Prescot centre area which had not been visited before.
Sarah Bell, District Prevention Manager for Knowsley, said: “The Knowsley prevention team also supported the week with a campaign running alongside the Hillside Stronger Families Regeneration Project. This saw us working with partner agencies on March 28 carrying out visits in the Hillside area of Knowsley.
“We are also urging people to check on elderly neighbours, friends and relatives in their area who need smoke detectors. You can request a Home Fire Safety Check by calling 0800 731 5958.”
Kevin Shields, Facilities and Estate Services Manager at KHT, Watch Manager Phil Byrne from the community fire prevention team at our Service, KHT tenant Margaret Young and Kevin Johnson from Fire Service Direct, which runs the free 0800 7315958 number, during fire safety awareness work at the Ashton Park high rise block in Halewood. Photo supplied by and with permission of KHT.

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