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Road Rescue Round-up
Crews rescued a number of people from a range of crashes on Merseyside’s roads during March.
A man was found by firefighters inside a car on its roof in Springwood Avenue, near Allerton, on March 19.
Firefighters used their
equipment to remove the
B post of the car and create
space to allow the man to be
moved from the car on
a long board to a waiting
ambulance. The man was
taken to the Royal Liverpool Hospital.
A roof of a car was removed by firefighters to free a man in Spital Road, Bromborough on March 24. Firefighters from Bromborough and Wallasey attended along with the Search and Rescue Team.
A fire appliance from Allerton and one from Speke and Garston community fire stations attended along with the Search and Rescue Team.
Firefighters also escorted a driver out of a car and to safety after it went down an embankment in
St Helens on March 18.
Two fire appliances from Eccleston and St Helens community fire stations attended the scene outside St Helens Hospital along with the Search and Rescue Team.
Crews used a winch to stabilise the vehicle, which was on an embankment. The driver was not thought to have been injured.
Firefighters were called out to a two-car collision in Warrington Road, near the M62, on March 19.
One car was on its roof and two men, who were believed to be in their 20s, were out of the vehicle when firefighters arrived. The car was on fire and it was extinguished by workmen
who were carrying out roadworks nearby.
The crash in Springwood Avenue. Photo supplied by Station Manager Andy Houghton
Three men were assessed by paramedics at the scene and taken to Whiston Hospital.
Two fire appliances from Whiston and St Helens Community Fire Stations were called out. Firefighters made the vehicles safe.
Pensioner Saved
Firefighters rescued an elderly woman after a fire involving a chip pan started in a kitchen of a property.
Our Service was called to Crow Lane West, Earlestown, Newton-le-Willows, on March 19 and firefighters leapt into action.
Firefighters also gave oxygen to the woman before the arrival of paramedics.
Watch Manager George Jennings, who attended the call- out with firefighters from Newton-le-Willows Community Fire Station, said: “The fire involved a chip pan which is thought to have been left unattended.
“On arrival we could see smoke coming out of the front door. The premises were heavily smoke-logged and the elderly woman was disorientated by the smoke and still inside the property. The firefighters from Newton-le- Willows were first on scene and due to their rapid actions they completed a successful rescue and saved the premises from further fire damage.
“We train every week to ensure we can respond quickly and make a difference in situations such as this. Smoke alarms alerted neighbours to the fire who contacted the fire and rescue service.
“We advise cooking is never left unattended, even for a moment, and we urge people to have working smoke alarms on each level of their home.”
For free fire safety advice go to or call 0800 731 5958.
The fire, which involved a chip pan in the kitchen, caused fire damage to around 40% of an electric cooker and a worktop. The remainder of the bungalow was severely damaged by smoke.
A fire appliance from Newton-le-Willows Community Fire Station and one from Eccleston Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
A fire appliance from Whiston Community Fire Station also responded to the call-out.
The collision in Warrington Road in March. Photo supplied by Station Manager Andy Houghton

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