Page 6 - HOT NEWS APRIL 2014
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No Name From To Date
8181 Christine Nicholson T/WMA MACC Red Watch WMA MACC Red Watch 01.03.14 8104 Jackie Ryland T/WMA MACC White Watch WMA MACC White Watch 01.03.14 8172 Jane Clarry T/WMA MACC Blue Watch WMA MACC Blue Watch 01.03.14
8176 Diane O'Connell T/CM
No Name From
3048 Timothy Jennett T/SMA 3037 Neil Fidler FF 5019 Andrew Sinclair FF 5356 Simon O'Neill FF 5346 John Maddox FF
No Name
6069 Stewart Martin
No Name
3023 Thomas McCarthy
No Name
4707 Charles Hollywood
MACC      WMA MACC 14.03.14
To Date
Carrer Break    CMD TDA - Other Duties 10.03.14 10 Kirkdale Green Watch FF 13 Allerton White Watch 22/02/2014 31 Crosby Blue Watch FF 33 Southport White Watch 20/02/2014 15 Toxteth Green Watch FF 11 City Centre White Watch 20/02/2014 12 Kensington Blue Watch     FF  12 Kensington White Watch  20/02/2014
Designation Location
Grade Start Date
Commodity Manager Legal, Procurement &    G10   17/02/2014
Democratic Services
30 Bootle & Netherton Green Watch
Designation Location
Advocate Seconded (LCC)
Last Date
Last Date
@HollyLodgeLiver Tweeted on March 7 - Thanks to our wonderful guests for giving up their time for Inspirational Women's Day. @kiergroup @cathbore @MerseyFire @HelenOGradyNRB
BBC reporter Andy Gill @MerseyHack tweeted on March 6 - Lots of activity @ #Woodside @MerseyFerries - it's an exercise involving @MerseyFire & others @BBCNWT
This Tweet was sent on March 5 @MerseyFire thanks to #BootleandNethertonFirestation for your hospitality, help and the venue for the #MECCtraining
@CFOAfire Tweeted on February 26 Phil Garrigan from @MerseyFire closes day 1 and congratulates all working in PPRS on the success achieved in the last year #PPRS2014
On February 27 this tweet was sent - @MerseyFire thank you to all the fire fighters, PCSOs and police officers involved and still involved at the scene after a
fire started at a former
social club in
St Helens.
On March 13 MP Luciana Berger Tweeted -
Met Dan Stephens, CFO @MerseyFire and briefed on the budget challenges. The Fire Service is committed to getting the best outcomes possible.
On March 21 @jeangenie239 Tweeted - @MerseyFire always there for the people + animals they rescue. We forgot how brave they are!. Just doing their job-but so well, thanks x
@LordMPPNelson Tweeted - @MerseyFire like to say respect for having a pink fire engine for breast cancer awareness
On March 17 @Knell_FFC Tweeted - @MerseyFire I hope the car washes went well folks! Thanks for the fantastic support!
@colesri Tweeted on March 17 - A big thank you to @MerseyFire for letting Henry sit in the fire engine and try on a hat today! He loves ne nas!
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