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New courses to keep bikers safe
A road safety course aimed particularly at motorcycle riders has started in Southport.
The Advanced Motorcyclist Course (Skill For Life) is being staged at Southport Community Fire Station and is run by Sefton Advanced Motorists (affiliated to the Institute of Advanced Motorists - IAM) working alongside Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service.
Firefighter Andy Shotton, who is helping to run the courses at Southport Community Fire Station, said:
“We are running three six to eight-week courses
from Southport Community Fire Station throughout
this year focusing on motorcycle riders and road
safety. Road safety is a key focus for Merseyside Fire
& Rescue Service; motorcyclists are, by their very nature, vulnerable road users and dis-proportionately account for just 2% of road traffic in the UK but 20% of all KSIs (Killed and Seriously Injured).
“Riders are taught how to become safer on today’s busy roads. Awareness of other road users is greatly increased by way of theory sessions and practical ride outs and demonstrations. The sessions are based on the police road craft style of advanced riding, increasing observation, planning and bike positional skills. This goes a long way to keeping our local motorcyclists safer on the roads of Merseyside and beyond.
“Our first course, which started in March, is fully booked and our next course in June is filling up quickly. Courses can accommodate up to 12 riders at a time.”
For further information contact Andy directly on his email or view the IAM website or
More information on the group can also be found on Facebook and Twitter under the name seftonadvancedmotorists.
A new leaflet highlighting our approach to responding to Automatic Fire Alarms to cut false alarms attended by crews has been created.
Crews will be receiving the new leaflets soon which will be handed out during SSRI (Site Specific Risk Information) visits across Merseyside and for Watch Managers and Technical Officers to hand out during audits at businesses.
The leaflets urges those that are given it to ensure that all persons on their premises are aware that, in the event of
a fire being discovered or reported, or in the event of physical signs of fire, a 999 back-up call should always and immediately be made.
The new leaflets also have a QR code on them which can be read by modern smart phones. The QR code points people towards more information on the approach to Automatic Fire Alarms (AFAs).
The leaflet was created by Corporate Communications working with Station Manager Andy Groom and Watch
Manager Bill Shepherd along with other members of the AFA project working group.
Two fire officers from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service also recently visited our Service to hear about our approach to responding to AFAs which has led to a large drop in false alarms attended by firefighters.
Group Manager Guy Keen, who is also a member of the AFA project working group, made a presentation to the officers on our approach.
More information on our approach to AFAs, including frequently asked questions, can be found at emails about the approach can also be sent to
The first group of bikers who started the Advanced Motorcyclist Course at the beginning of March. Photo supplied by Firefighter Andy Shotton.
Photo: Karl Mansfield.
Group Manager Keith Carruthers and Station Manager Andy Lillford from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service during their visit to find out more about our approach to reducing false alarms at the MACC building in Derby Road.

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