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our service’s Health and Fitness adviser Bill pirrie on flexibility and stretching
Good flexibility is known to bring positive benefits in the muscles and joints. It aids with injury prevention, helps minimise muscle soreness and improves efficiency in all physical activities. The evidence states that as part of a warm-up, dynamic stretches are recommended and, after the workout, more static stretches can be used.
Below are a selection of stretches. These have been carried out by Liam Noon who is a Training Administrator based at our Service’s Training and Development Academy.
For some top tips on keeping your body fuelled and properly hydrated see Page 17 of this month’s Hot News.
Bill Pirrie can be contacted on 0151 2964407 or
1. posterior deltoid stretch.
2. Tricep stretch.
3. Full body stretch.
4. pectoralis stretch.
1. Quadricep stretch.
5. upper back stretch.
6. Lumbar stretch.
2. Quadricep stretch (side view).
3. Hamsring stretch.
4. calf stretch.
5. Variation calf stretch.
6. soleus stretch (lower calf).
Photos supplied by Bill Pirrie.

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