Page 9 - HOT NEWS APRIL 2014
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Functional Fire Fitness Sessions
Our Service’s Health and Fitness Adviser Bill Pirrie is looking to trial functional fitness sessions at the TDA. These will be fun fitness workouts and you can make them as challenging as you like. These sessions are
open to all staff both uniformed and non-uniformed male and female. So, if you’re interested get in touch with Bill so he can arrange the sessions. Please contact 0151 296 5032
Hello, I’m Bill Pirrie the Health and Fitness Adviser from the Physical Training Department of our Service. As part of my role as the Health and Fitness Advisor, I have the responsibility to research new pieces of equipment, which may be suitable to help improve firefighters’ fitness. This month we are looking at TRX straps. This is a great piece of equipment designed for suspension training and, with
some training, it is an all-round bodyweight workout system. The service PTA will be issued one each and will trial them on stations. I will let you know about the feedback. Below Fitness Adviser Andrew Bennett demonstrates some of the techniques which can be used with the TRX straps. It’s important to remember the strap must be secured to an immovable restraint.
1. pull-up technique.
2. press techniques.
3. Various techniques, squat thrusts, including single leg, single leg squat.

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