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Five fire appliances and 20 fire prevention staff took part in a fire safety campaign following a fire at a house in Toxteth.
It follows a serious fire at a house on Whittier Street at 12.20am on Wednesday, February 25, where there were no working smoking alarms in the property.
The reassurance and fire safety campaign took place in Whittier Street and roads surrounding the street including some on Smithdown Road. Around 300 properties were being targeted in the campaign. More than 40 prevention staff and firefighters took part in the campaign.
In total 45 Home Fire Safety Checks were completed and a total of 300 properties also had fire safety leaflets delivered to them following work by the charity Fire Support Network (FSN).
Fire prevention staff worked with partner agencies during the campaign including a translator who could speak Romanian to help highlight fire safety messages to communities in the area.
Mike Buratti, District Prevention Manager for Liverpool South, said: “Residents in the Toxteth area were visited by fire and rescue service personnel and partner agencies and given important fire safety advice to assist in preventing such a fire occurring again.
“We would advise members of the public to take care when smoking. People should ensure smoking materials are completely extinguished in a suitable ashtray and are never left unattended.
“We are also urging people never to leave food unattended in the kitchen, even if it is just for a moment. Fires involving food can spread quickly and produce a lot of smoke.
“We would also advise people to check on their elderly and vulnerable neighbours or family members to ensure they have working smoke alarms fitted on each floor of their property.”
People can request a Home Fire Safety Check or refer others for a Home Fire Safety Check by calling 0800 731 5958 or going to . They can also seek fire safety advice by contacting that number and going on to the website.
Station Manager Paul Kay said: “Reassurance and fire safety campaigns are an important way of our firefighters and fire prevention staff highlighting important fire safety messages.
“In the call-out on February 25, the fire at the property had extinguished itself before firefighters were called.
“Sadly, the body of an 87-year-old man was found at the scene.
“An investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing. Initially, the suspected cause was accidental due to a cigarette. After further investigation it is suspected that the cause of the fire was accidental but that food cooking on a hob may have also been involved in fire.”
Advice For Students
Firefighters were called to a fire in a communal kitchen of student accommodation on Crown Street in Liverpool.
Crews attended the call-out on a Tuesday just before midnight.
Firefighters removed the pan of food from the cooker, extinguished the fire and ventilated the area to clear smoke.
Watch Manager John Kellaway, who attended the call-out with Green Watch firefighters at Toxteth Community Fire Station, said: “This was a fire involving food left cooking unattended. There was also a lot of smoke in the area.
“In the kitchen was an accumulation of combustible materials on top of a rubbish bin near to where the fire
started and this could have led to the fire spreading quickly in the room. We advise food is never left cooking unattended and that people keep combustible materials in a kitchen to
a minimum and keep surfaces clear to prevent fire spreading.”
Firefighters also completed six Home Fire Safety Checks while at the accommodation and gave fire safety advice.
A fire appliance from Toxteth Community Fire Station and
one from Liverpool City Community Fire Station attended the call-out. One fire appliance attended the call-out. The incident happened on Tuesday, March 10.
Out In The Community
Liverpool South District Prevention Manager Mike Buratti, on the left of the photo, and Watch Manager Neil Graham from Belle Vale Community Fire Station during the fire safety campaign near Holmes Street in Liverpool.
Photos: Karl Mansfield.
Left to right Mike Buratti, Liverpool South District Prevention Manager, Joanne Harris, Liverpool City Council locality officer for the Picton ward, and Lewis Reid, one of our Service’s apprentices who is a member of the Liverpool South prevention team.

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