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Flat Fire Above Shop
Firefighters were called out to a fire above a shop premises on South Road, in Waterloo, just after 9.30pm on a Thursday night.
The fire broke out in a flat above the shop premises and spread to the roof space. Neighbouring flats were evacuated while the incident was being dealt with.
There were no reports that anyone was injured in the incident.
Three fire appliances from Crosby, Kirkdale and Bootle and Netherton community fire stations were called out along with an aerial appliance and support appliances.
Firefighters left the scene just after 8am the next day. The incident happened on Thursday, March 12.
Grass Fire
Firefighters tackled a number of small grass fires on a field in Woodchurch at around 5pm on a Monday.
This was on a field near the M53 northbound, in Woodchurch and there were around six small grass fires over an area of around 100 square metres. Firefighters used fire beaters to tackle the fires and it is suspected they had been started deliberately.
Two fire appliances from Heswall and Upton community fire stations were called out. Firefighters were at the scene for around half an hour. Fire crews were called out to the incident on Monday, March 23.
A road collision involving three cars happened on the M53 just after 8.15am on a Wednesday morning.
The incident happened near Junction 4 of the M53 southbound and one of the cars was on its roof however nobody was trapped in the vehicles.
A man, believed to be in his 30s, was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital.
Two fire appliances from Bromborough and Birkenhead community fire station were called out. Firefighters cleared the carriageway and were at the scene for around 25 minutes. The call-out was on Wednesday, March 25.
Our fire crews were called out to a car fire on Gorst Street in Anfield just after 5.30am on a Monday morning.
The fire involved the engine compartment of the car and it is suspected that it was caused by an electrical fault.
A fire appliance from Kirkdale Community Fire Station was called out and firefighters were there for around 40 minutes. Firefighters attended the incident on Monday, March 16.

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