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Fire On Board
Firefighters extinguished a fire in the engine room of a cargo ship docked in Kirkdale.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 6.06am on a Wednesday morning to the ship, which was docked off Regent Road.
The fire involved one of the ship’s engines. The people on board evacuated the vessel.
Five fire appliances from Kirkdale, Crosby, Liverpool City, Croxteth and Kensington community fire stations were sent to the scene along with the Command Support Unit. The Search and Rescue Team also responded to the call-out.
By 7.54am one main jet was in use cooling engine casings. Firefighters used thermal imaging cameras
to check there was no further fire spread and the fire was extinguished by 7.56am.
Station Manager Andy Groom said: “The ship’s crew activated a CO2 extinguisher system that suppressed the fire. Firefighters in breathing apparatus entered the ship to determine the source of the fire and check the fire had not spread any further. There was a lot of smoke in the engine room of the ship.
“The ventilation system on the ship helped to clear the smoke from the engine room while firefighters cooled the engine casings with water and made sure the fire was extinguished.”
The suspected cause of the fire was mechanical failure of one of the ship’s engine.
Roof Fire
Firefighters were called out to a fire in the roof of a house in Euston Grove, in Oxton, at around 9.10pm on a Sunday.
The roof space was completely damaged by fire. Two fire appliances from Birkenhead and Wallasey community fire stations, an aerial appliance and a support appliance were called out.
Firefighters were at the scene for around three hours. The call-out was on Sunday, March 22.
Hot Towel
A fire in a bathroom in Grassendale is suspected to have been caused by a discarded cigarette.
Firefighters attended a flat on Beechwood Road at around 6.15am. A bathroom towel was damaged by fire and there was smoke damage to the flat.
Hard-wired smoke alarms had been fitted and activated.
The fire was out when firefighters arrived.
Two fire appliances from Allerton and Speke and Garston community fire stations were called out. Firefighters were at the scene for around 25 minutes.
Our Service offers general fire safety advice to the public to prevent fires caused by smoking materials. People should never leave smoking materials left burning unattended and should ensure they are stubbed out in a proper ashtray that will not topple over. The incident happened on Tuesday, March 24.

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