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Vigilance at WoRk
Staff are being urged to be vigilant at work as part of work to help protect our Service and its buildings.
If someone is not wearing identification such as a Service lanyard and photo identification then they should be challenged. Staff are also being urged to report any suspicious activity or people they see near or in Service buildings.
A number of security tests will be taking place over the coming weeks at Service headquarters on areas including access to the staff car park and buildings on site.
Group Manager James Berry, from Operational Preparedness, said: “Staff are taking part in a new awareness-raising training programme about being vigilant while at work. Staff should be wearing identification while at our facilities.
“You do not need to be embarrassed or think that you will offend someone by asking what they are doing or why they are in our facility or why they are not wearing identification. Staff should be wearing identification while on site particularly at headquarters and the Joint Control Centre.
“All vehicles entering the staff car park at Service headquarters must display a valid car park permit. Failure to display a permit will result in you and your vehicle being refused access to the car park. We also urge staff to be vigilant about other drivers who may try and tailgate vehicles to access the staff car park.
“The training is also part of our approach to Business Continuity, which is a legal duty for our organisation.”
Look out for the unusual. You may feel it’s probably nothing, but unless you trust your instincts and report it police will not be able to judge whether the information is important or not. The Anti-Terrorist Hotline can be contacted on 0800 789 321.
People have been urged stay safe on the River Mersey and around the Merseyside coastline over the Bank Holiday as temperatures rise by following our simple safety advice.
Over the Bank Holiday periods, there tends to be an increase of people taking part in water sports and other activities on the river.
Some examples of these water sports include kite surfing, sailing, motor boating, angling, kayaking and canoeing.
The Marine Rescue Team, which is based at the Marine Rescue Unit at the Pier Head, has advised people to enjoy these family activities safely by following this water safety advice:
• Always tell someone where you are going and when you will be expected back.
• Check the tide times and weather before you set off. They can change quickly, so be aware.
• Take some kind of mobile communication that can be used on the water and in an emergency. Marine VHF radios are best but waterproof mobile phones are also useful. Make sure they have plenty of battery life.
• Always wear a life jacket or buoyancy aid. Remember the slogan “Useless, unless worn.”
• Keep your equipment well maintained. Broken engines, ripped sails, damaged paddles and not enough fuel can result in a good day turning very bad. Look after your kit and it will look after you.
• Wear clothing that will keep you warm and dry if any problems do arise. Take extra layers with you if necessary.
Iain Holgate, Marine Rescue Unit Team Leader, said: “We want people to enjoy themselves and to respect other people on the water over the Bank Holiday. People should never underestimate the power of the river and sea we live alongside. Therefore we advise people to follow our simple safety advice to stay as safe as possible on the river.”
People were advised to be aware of cold water shock, as low temperature can numb limbs and claim lives. They were also urged to be careful in case there are hazards below the surface and to be aware of the currents as well as the water conditions before going near water.
Total Incidents by Ground Station between 1st February 2015 to 28th February 2015
Station Ground
All Accidental All Deliberate All RTC Primary Home Secondary Secondary Special
14 Speke - Garston 15 Toxteth
16 Old Swan 17BelleVale
6 2
18 Aintree 19Croxteth
20 Birkenhead 21 Bromborough
Fires Fires Fires
Fires Service
16 5 1 3 17 2 11 13 0 4 4 72 11 11 22 6632 12 12 41 1067722 604451 1287721 1261918123 615414 22Heswall 411004 23 Upton 1135521 24WestKirby 211110
10 Kirkdale
11 City Centre
12 Kensington
13Allerton 4 3
9 5 16 10 5 5 13 7 12
8 4 15 6
25 Wallasey 135
30 Bootle & Netherton 84
31 Crosby 85
32Formby 214211 33Southport 1175592 40 Huyton 833380 41Whiston 442202 42 Kirkby 4 1 16 1523 50 St Helens 10 6 20 18101 51 Newton-Le-Willows 7 2 3 221 52 Eccleston 7 3 14 1233
Grand Total 210 99 209
191 132 44
During February 2015 FRS crews rescued 6 people from Road Traffic Collisions and 4 people from Accidental Dwelling Fires
11 10 103 4352 121060
The photo shows the Marine Rescue Unit in action. Photo by Roger Green.

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