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Ashness Bridge. Photo by Roger Green.
A member of our Service has won a prestigious photography competition after impressing judges with his images of the Lake District.
Crew Manager Roger Green has won the Lancashire Life Reader Photo Competition 2014 for his image Ashness Bridge.
The image and another of his photos called My Kingdom were also selected to feature in the 2015 calendar of Lancashire Life Magazine.
Crew Manager Green said: “I have always had a passion for photography and over the last few years I’ve been developing my own website to showcase my work.
“In July 2014, I noticed that the Lancashire Life Magazine were holding a competition and the winner would receive a Canon 100D camera for their efforts and the top 12 images would be used in their 2015 Calendar.
“I thought I’d enter the two photographs, with no real aspirations at the time of winning when you consider the hundreds of images that they had received. To my surprise, in September I received two emails to say that both my images had been chosen for their calendar, one was going to be used for May and the other for August.
“A week later and to my great joy, I received another email to inform me that my photo of Ashness Bridge had won first prize and I was named as Lancashire Life Reader Photo Competition 2014 Winner.”
The calendar was issued free with the December issue of Lancashire Life Magazine and on the same day Watch Manager Green received his Canon 100D digital camera.
Smoke Alarms Alert Residents
Firefighters extinguished a small blaze in the kitchen of a flat after smoke alarms alerted people to the fire.
Crews were called at 7.43pm on a Monday night to a flat off Picton Road, Wavertree.
Watch Manager Steve Pratley, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Green Watch at Kensington Community Fire Station, said: “Smoke alarms in the building alerted residents and we were alerted to the fire.
“The fire was small and contained to the oven and involved food in takeaway trays.
“The suspected cause of the fire was food left cooking unattended. Luckily alarms were present and activated. Firefighters extinguished the small fire and cleared smoke from the property.”
A fire appliance from Kensington Community Fire Station and one from Liverpool City Community Fire Station attended. Firefighters had left the scene by 8.05pm. The call-out was on Monday, March 16.
My Kingdom. Photo by Roger Green.

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