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A big breakfast event in aid of the British Lung Foundation was staged at Birkenhead Community Fire Station.
Firefighter Roy Stewart organised the event with family member Sherina Conway and Mandy Green. Sherina and Mandy lost their father, Prem Neermul, to a rare form of lung disease in February 2013 and the proceeds went to the British Lung Foundation.
It was organised as one of the national BLF Big Breakfast events to raise funds for the charity and awareness around lung disease.
Members of the public were invited to come and join them for breakfast on November 18.
Firefighters from Green Watch and Red Watch rustled up a breakfast in the kitchen for people in the community who came along to support the event.
Local businesses in the area also donated food and supplies for the breakfast, which ran from 9am until 2pm, raising around £1,000 for the charity.
The Wirral Prevention Team were also giving advice about fire safety in the home when using oxygen and the importance of having working smoke alarms fitted. A smoking cessation campaign from Wirral
Change was also staged at the station on the day.
Roy said: “It was a massive success on the day thanks to
the firefighters who cooked breakfast and to everyone who turned up.
“I would like to thank Tulip Foods and Priory Meats in particular for supplying our food free of charge and we also received donations from firefighters across the Service, Iceland, Asda, Bookers and Tesco as well as other local organisations.
“This was a great success and we would like to thank everybody that donated to this worthy cause.”
Roy added: “IPF is a terminal lung condition with a three to four-year life expectancy after diagnosis and there is very little treatment available. Prem lost his battle to this disease in February 2013. It was at this point my family and I decided we wanted to do what we can to help others with
this disease and raise awareness. We wanted to give something back to the charity to
enable more research into this disease.
“By doing fundraising events like the BLF big breakfast
hopefully it will help improve support services for people
living with this condition and also help research
into treatments and possibly one day a cure.”
Firefighter Roy Stewart with Sherina Conway and Mandy Green at the fundraising event.
Be co Aware
Our Service recently backed Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week by calling on people to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon monoxide (CO) is known as the "silent killer" because it is a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas that you can't see, taste or smell but which can kill quickly without warning.
Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week, which started on November 17, was organised by the Carbon Monoxide Awareness Charity.
From January 1, 2012, to October 31, 2014, our Service attended 39 call-outs to reports of carbon monoxide. This included 12 in Liverpool, nine in Sefton, nine in Wirral, seven in St Helens and two in Knowsley.
Amongst the call-outs was one where firefighters gave oxygen to a woman suffering suspected carbon monoxide poisoning after they were called to a property in Edge Hill in January, 2013. Fire crews found no traces of carbon monoxide but a gas engineer was contacted. The woman was taken to the Royal Hospital.
It can be difficult for residents to detect carbon monoxide poisoning as the symptoms are similar to other illnesses such as the flu and food poisoning, however, a number of people may have the symptoms at the same time.
Symptoms can include nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, vomiting, stomach pains, concentration problems, personality change and visual problems.
If anyone believes they have carbon monoxide poisoning, they should get fresh air immediately, open windows and doors, turn off combustion devices and leave the home. They should seek medical advice immediately. Long-term exposure to carbon monoxide can lead to depression, confusion and memory loss.
Residents are also advised to have an audible carbon monoxide alarm fitted in their homes and to test it regularly.
Kevin Johnson, MF&RS Home Safety Manager, said: "We supported Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week to educate people about the symptoms and the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning while offering advice to try and prevent people becoming victims of this silent killer."
In January 2013, six fire appliances on Merseyside started to carry safety messages on the risks of carbon monoxide, as part of an awareness campaign by the Gas Safe Register.
All frontline fire appliances in Merseyside have equipment that can detect dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide in buildings and properties where firefighters attend.
You can find out more about gas safety in your home, how to find a registered engineer in your area and how to check that they are qualified to work on your gas appliances, at or call 0800 408 5500.
Photo supplied by Firefighter Roy Stewart.

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