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Christmas Quiz
1. Wherecanyoufindpenguins– the North Pole or the South Pole?
6. Howfarcanreindeertravelon their annual migration?
2. Whatisanothernameforareindeer?
3. Name the author who created the
7. Dopenguinshaveknees?
8. How old is the English version
character Ebenezer Scrooge.
of “Father Christmas”?
4. Which country was Saint Nicholas thought to be a Bishop in?
9. How many reindeer does Father Christmas have?
5. Do male or female reindeer grow antlers or do both grow them?
10. Name the reindeer that pull Father Christmas’s sleigh.
The answers will be uploaded to Message of the Day on the staff Portal towards December 20.
Letting Kids Know It’s Christmas
Staff from our Service contributed gifts to disabled and disadvantaged children in Merseyside as part of a campaign called “Mission Christmas”.
Our Service’s Contingency Planning Officer Mary Mercer organised a box for donations which was in the atrium of the JCC.
In the first few days half a dozen presents had been donated by staff for children. The Mission Christmas campaign was part of Radio City’s Cash for Kids charity work. Mission Christmas aimed to give children who live in poverty a Christmas present this year.
For more information on the Cash for Kids charity go to:
Chris Shines
at Beacon
A young person who completed a Beacon Project programme run by our Service has received an award.
Each year, Hugh Baird College Liverpool hosts an awards evening, to recognise the achievements of their students and showcase their successes.
Our Service sponsored the Student of the Year Award which was awarded to Chris Johnson.
Chris joined our Service’s Beacon Project in 2013 and is now studying towards a Level 1 Diploma in Art, Design and Media.
Since completing the Beacon Project, Chris has done particularly well at college and gained the award for his outstanding commitment, work ethic and “can do” attitude.
Suzy Tosi, Youth Teams Co-ordinator, said: “In addition
to Chris’s award, another ex-Beacon Student, Graham Spencer, won the Personal Development Award. He was given this award for the outstanding progression he made with his communication and confidence whilst on the Beacon course.
“The Beacon Project has given many young people the confidence in pushing themselves forward and developing key life skills of communication, working with others and teambuilding, which will enhance future job prospects.”

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