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Wirral District Prevention Manager Jen Welsh, stands at the front of this photo with Group Manager Paul Murphy, district manager for Wirral (second in from left).
Firefighters and fire prevention staff visited homes after a serious fire in Wirral to help to make people safer from fire.
Our Service was called to near Eastham Village Road, Eastham, on November 12. The fire in a ground floor living room was extinguished. An investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing but it is thought at this stage the fire involved a lamp.
Smoke alarms activated and raised the alarm about the fire at the house.
Red Watch firefighters wearing breathing apparatus from Bromborough Community Fire Station and Birkenhead Community Fire Station brought a man and woman out of the property. An inquest later in November heard the 82-year-old man died of smoke inhalation in hospital.
The day-long campaign involved more than six fire appliances and aimed to highlight safety messages including not overloading plug sockets and keeping the area around electrical appliances free from clutter that could catch fire.
Group Manager Paul Murphy, district manager for Wirral, said:
“Although we work in our communities throughout the year we also carry out specific, targeted work, particularly following a serious incident, to help highlight important fire safety messages to help to keep people in communities safe. We visited homes highlighting information including the importance of having working smoke alarms on each level of the home and fire safety regarding electrical items.
“Following the first call to our Fire Control, firefighters were quickly on scene, rapidly deployed on arrival and brought an
elderly man, who was unconscious, and woman, who were in a first floor bedroom, out of the property.”
Other messages highlighted included the dangers of unsafe heating.
In total 260 properties were visited during the reassurance campaign. Out of those, 84 had Home Fire Safety Checks completed by firefighters and fire prevention staff and 176 had fire safety leaflets delivered. Four further Home Fire Safety Check appointments were made for the following days and four properties that could be more vulnerable if a fire were to occur were identified.
Firefighters and prevention staff also highlighted the importance of planning an escape route in your home, in case a fire were to occur, and making sure everyone in the property knows it.
A fire appliance from Heswall Community Fire Station also attended the call-out along with the Incident Management Team.
In St Helens on November 28, firefighters and fire prevention staff undertook a day-long fire safety campaign visiting 241 properties, fitting 54 smoke alarms and completing 93 Home Fire Safety Checks. It followed the discovery of an 88-year-old man’s body after a fire on November 21 which was suspected to have been caused by accident by combustible materials that were too near a gas fire.
To arrange a Home Fire Safety Check call 0800 7315958. For free fire safety advice go to
Lift Rescues On The Up
More than 14 people have been freed from lifts by our firefighters in a matter of weeks.
Five women were freed from a lift at a building in Birkenhead by firefighters from Birkenhead Community Fire Station on November 18.
Firefighters from Kirkdale Community Fire Station freed six adults and a child from a lift at a building in Seaforth on November 7. They were released unharmed within 20 minutes of the call to Fire Control.
On November 18 two women were freed from a lift after a power cut left
them trapped. Firefighters from Croxteth Community Fire Station attended the call-out in Croxteth.
Firefighters from Crosby Community Fire Station freed an elderly man from a lift in Litherland on November 14.
A woman stuck in a lift on the fourth floor of a building in Woodchurch was freed by firefighters from Upton Community Fire Station on November 13.
Firefighters also helped an elderly woman to seating and gave her oxygen after she had fallen in a lift in Southport on November 4.
Photo: Karl Mansfield.

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