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School pupils got to meet firefighters, see the equipment they use to rescue people from crashes and learn about road safety.
It was all part of work for Brake Road Safety Week, which ran from November 17 to November 23.
Shoppers also got to see our Service’s rescue equipment in action in Liverpool on November 18
and 19. The demonstrations took place in the car park of supermarket stores in Woolton and Allerton and
firefighters handed out safety leaflets.
In Wirral, Watch Manager
Jez Williamson, with the support of Merseyside Police, Wirral Council Road Safety Team,
Birkenhead High School and Kwik Fit engineers delivered a bespoke RTC awareness package to students from Birkenhead High School Academy and St Anselm’s College on November 20 and November 21. Watch Manager Williamson and a Merseyside Police PC delivered ten sessions to 500 16 to 18-year-old students. The crash car demonstration unit supplied by the MF&RS Road Safety Team was also used to enable students to identify causes of crashes which was reinforced by a presentation delivered by the group.
Firefighter Kirsty Hornby arranged two road safety events for sixth form students at Cowley International College in St Helens.
Kirsty said: “This year's Road Safety Week theme was 'look out for each other' on roads, because being selfish can easily lead to tragedy. The focus for the 11 to 16-year-old pupils was for everyone to put safety first and be considerate to one another, encouraging people on foot and bike to never take chances, and make sure they can be seen.
“Within the past six weeks there has been four young people within the St Helens district who have been seriously injured in road traffic accidents, one of which was on a bicycle and three were pedestrians.”
On November 17 activities were staged during break and dinner times so it was accessible to all pupils. During morning year group assembly both year 7 and year 8 groups received our Service’s road safety presentation delivered by Kirsty delivering the key road safety messages.
At break time pupils also had the opportunity to try the Brake reaction tester to show how driver reaction times are slower when the driver is distracted. This was delivered by a member of the St Helens Road Safety Team.
Kirsty was also outside on the yard asking pupils to guess the braking distances of cars travelling at different speeds over 100 metres if a child were to step out in front of a driver. Merseyside Police and PCSOs were also showing pupils around their vehicles and discussing road safety and road signs.
During the dinner time the MF&RS Road Safety "Crash Car" was on the bottom yard for pupils to investigate and discuss driver distractions and the crash car “story”. Firefighters from Newton-le-Willows showed pupils around the Road Traffic Collision equipment and answered their questions.
Police speed guns were also brought to school allowing pupils to take readings of cars passing outside school, to highlight the actual speeds cars maybe travelling as they
leave school heading home.
On November 18 a car rescue demonstration was staged at the school for pupils to see the equipment used to free people trapped following collisions.
The event at Cowley International College in St Helens.
Work in Wirral supporting the charity’s Brake’s week.
Photos: Lyndsay Young.

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