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Left to right is: Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens, Assistant Chief Constable Andy Ward and Mark Camborne, Chair of the General Working Group of the MRF. Photo taken by Christian Smith and supplied by Merseyside Police.
Survey launched to find out if people know what to do in an emergency
A new website to help local residents and businesses be better prepared for emergencies has been launched along with an appeal for people in Merseyside to complete a survey.
The website, , was launched by the Merseyside Resilience Forum (MRF) which is a collection of emergency services, council representatives and emergency planners working to keep people safe in Merseyside.
The site contains information about emergencies such as severe weather, flooding, pandemic flu and fuel shortages, alongside other Merseyside-specific risks, with very clear and straight- forward advice on the things people can do in their own homes and businesses to prepare for major incidents.
The website suggests simple, but easily overlooked, precautions people can take including putting together an "emergency kit” in case they should need to leave their home suddenly, advice on how and when to switch off the utilities in their home and the importance of tuning into local radio for news updates.
The University of Liverpool has also created a survey to gauge the public’s understanding of what they should do in an emergency. Residents across Merseyside are being encouraged to take part in the survey which is available online and is available for three months after it started on November 10.
A link to the survey can be found at: BpH&Q_JFE=0
If you require the survey in other formats please contact
Assistant Chief Constable Andy Ward, who chairs the MRF, said:
"The aim of producing this website is to raise awareness of what the risks are in Merseyside and highlight the simple things people can do so they are better prepared to protect themselves, their families, homes and businesses in the event of an emergency.
"To assist us with this endeavour I would urge people to take part in the survey to support us in making this resource as useful and invaluable as possible.”
Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens said: "Although our firefighters are trained and ready to respond to all emergencies when they occur, it is important for people to be aware of what precautions to take, what preparations are required and what they need to know in the event of an emergency. There is information about fire safety on our Service website but this new website will help people be more prepared for all emergencies.”
The website will also give everybody living and working in Merseyside a better understanding of their Local Resilience Forum and an insight into how emergency services, local authorities and other organisations are working together to develop robust plans and systems for responding to local emergencies.
Here is a photo of the new Home Safety Team in Prevention at our Service headquarters.
Left to right is Kevin Johnson, Home Safety Manager, Watch Manager Eric Daniels and Central District Prevention Manager Joanne Henderson.
Eric and Joanne have recently taken up their posts as part of the team, joining Kevin in the role he has been doing.
Photo: Karl Mansfield.

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