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Community Care
Firefighters, staff and Group Manager Rob Pritchard, district manager for Sefton, gather for the reassurance and fire safety campaign in Southport.
Hundreds of properties were visited in Wallasey and Southport after two serious fires.
A man died following a fire in a garage in Kensington Road, Southport, on August 8. The fire broke out in a caravan that was being used as living accommodation, which was inside a lock-up garage.
Firefighters retrieved a man from the property and extinguished the fire. He was taken to paramedics for treatment but sadly died a short time later.
A joint investigation was carried out by our Incident Investigation Team at our Service and Merseyside Police and it is suspected that this was an accidental fire started by food cooking on a stove in the caravan.
A man’s body was also discovered after a fire at a property in Penkett Road, Wallasey, on August 5. Whilst the exact cause of death is yet to be established, the subsequent fire investigation identified that an e-cigarette that had been charging in the bedroom exploded, caught fire and ignited the oxygen tube of an
oxygen concentrator, which may have been in use by the occupier.
The investigation into the cause of this fire is continuing but at this stage it is thought that the charging device being used at the time may not have been the one supplied with the e-cigarette.
Our Service urges people to always use electrical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and guidance, always ensure that no electrical items are left charging overnight or left unattended for a long period when being charged and do not mix parts from different e-cigarettes. Only use the original charger or electrical cables supplied and ensure you purchase electrical items from a reputable source.
Further fire safety advice was also issued by staff and firefighters during the campaigns.
A community clear-up operation took place to help reduce the risk of arson and fire spreading to properties.
Rubbish, which had accumulated in alleyways in the Page Moss Parade area, was cleared and issues and areas of concern were highlighted by those in the area in Roby.
Knowsley district Community Fire Protection Arson Officer Carol Peeney and other staff worked with partners including Knowsley Council and the police
during the work. Six gas cylinders were also removed.
Carol said: "Good advice was given and support was
offered to residents and the landlords. Waste transfer
licences in the shops were also
checked as part of the work in the area. From the time MF&RS identified the problem in the area, the street scene team cleared the area within 24 hours. Two truckloads of rubbish were removed, redundant wheelie bins were emptied and reinstated for the residents, who were encouraged to recycle in the future. Alley gates will be secured so fly-tipping in the area cannot take place. There was a great community spirit and hopefully the residents will be empowered to keep the area clean in the future.
"People in rented accommodation can be particularly vulnerable to fire and we work throughout the year to help to make people in our communities safer from fire."
Station Manager Mark Thomas said: "This work showed how such positive outcomes can be achieved following what can only be described as an excellent joined up approach.
"It is only by sharing our knowledge and experience and pooling our resources in such a manner that we can achieve such positive results for our local communities. All involved deserve great credit - well done."
Photos: Lyndsay Young.
Home Safety Manager Kevin Johnson speaks about fire safety to a man who lives in Wallasey during the reassurance campaign.
The clean-up. Photo supplied by Carol Peeney.

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