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T/Team Leader Youth Engagement Coach Painter Workshops
Making Safety Our Business
A new pilot project to help improve the information firefighters have on hazards at business sites in Southport has got underway.
Blue Watch firefighters at Southport Community Fire Station launched the initiative, in line with their local Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), to gather information on small businesses situated to the rear of and in between houses in all of Southport's area.
The information will provide vital information to fire crews on any potential hazards at the sites if they need to respond to a fire at the location or in the area.
The information firefighters are gathering as part of the project includes what cylinders are at the site, type, size, quantity and location, roof type if it is made of a hazardous substance, any hazardous processes at the site, construction hazards including any pits and anything else that may present a danger to crews.
The project also sees the gathering of a set of photographs of layout and hazard locations and includes an aerial shot for access and fire spread information. This is hoped, with the aid of ops intelligence, to be available via the IMT and, or, the Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) for fire crews.
Watch Manager Tony Curtis, from Blue Watch at Southport Community Fire Station, said: "This is not only about firefighter
safety, so firefighters know what these businesses contain and any potential hazards on site so they know how to tackle any fire at the location safely, but also about the communities where we are based and helping to protect them.
“This pilot project, although very much in its infancy, aims to improve the information gathered and the way the fire crews receive it. Even now we have vital information instantly available to crews on over 20 small businesses in Southport that we had no knowledge of in the past.
"We are also asking business owners to store items like cylinders in the same place at close of business and advising them on safe locations close to what would be our access points in an emergency so that the cylinders can be removed quickly, preventing the cylinders becoming involved in fire if one was to start.
“We are also asking businesses to return empty cylinders as soon as possible to the suppliers and to remove any accumulation of combustible waste or materials, which again would help to prevent a fire from spreading if one was due to start.
“At the moment this is only being carried out by Blue Watch but it will soon be carried out by all Watches at Southport Community Fire Station.”
Free fire safety information is available at
School Angel favorited this Tweet that was sent on August 8 - @MerseyFire thank you to Crosby FS for making Crosby child minders children very welcome this morning, #greatfun
Responding to a message about firefighters tackling a pallet fire in Huyton on August 8, a woman tweeted - @MerseyFire Went down there before.. Brave men! Hope they stop it quickly and safely and that no one gets hurt..
On July 30 – This Tweet was sent by Knowsley Chamber of Commerce - off
to @MerseyFire tonight to meet Team 32 for their @Prince’sTrust award ceremony tonight.
On July 29 this Tweet was sent - @MerseyFire Thanks for the visit to are home tonight to check are fire alarms!
Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy Tweeted on July 31 - Upbeat meeting of the City
Health & Wellbeing Board
@joeforliverpool @MerseyPolice @MerseyFire
Chambers of Commerce in Liverpool
and Sefton on July 31 highlight a project with businesses - @LpoolChamber and @SeftonChamber - Members news-New firefighters' pilot
project with businesses in Southport @merseyfire http: //
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