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Knowing The Risks
A large amount of wood and gas canisters were cleared from a business site after operational crews highlighted their concern about the items being stored at the site.
Following an Arson Risk Assessment and visit by a Knowsley district Arson Officer and a Knowsley Council officer, four truckloads of wood were removed and the site agreed to keep wood stocks at a much lower level.
A total of 81 gas canisters were also seen at the site and these were arranged to be removed by the site owners. In total 100 tonnes of wood had been removed from the site following the visit by our Service staff during the summer.
The work to reduce combustible materials at the site was carried out following a large fire safety campaign focusing on businesses across Knowsley in April, May and June.
The campaign saw over 200 businesses visited and more than 150 cylinders, including LPG, Acetylene and Butane removed from business sites.
Group Manager Gary Oakford said: “The campaign which ran across the Knowsley district was a great success in helping to highlight fire safety advice, reduce call-outs involving arson and engage with many businesses as part of our Service’s risk reduction plan for Knowsley.
“We also wanted to visit businesses to highlight the importance of and carry out Site Specific Risk Information visits, which allows our firefighters to know what is at sites if they are called to a fire there to help keep firefighters safe when they are tackling any fires.
“The campaign also saw fire crews providing advice and guidance on safe cylinder storage and, working with our partners Knowsley Council and Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, we provided an opportunity for businesses to have unwanted cylinders removed at no cost to them.”
Areas targeted in the campaign included Knowsley Industrial Estate near Kirkby, Knowsley Business Park,
Wilson Road, Kirkby, and Prescot and Halewood. The campaign was supported by all stations across Knowsley and our Service’s fire prevention and protection staff including Kirkby Community Fire Station, Huyton Community Fire Station, Whiston Community Fire Station and Speke and Garston Community Fire Station.
Earlier this year an exercise was also staged at a business site in South Boundary Road, Knowsley, where a rescue from height was completed. The casualty was safely rescued from a gantry in a storage area. A fire appliance from Huyton, one from Kirkby and one from Eccleston Community fire station attended along with the Search and Rescue Team. The exercise took place in April and the North West Ambulance Service Hazard Area Response Team also attended.
The exercise was made possible following good relationships which have been developed through the Knowsley Business Watch.
station open to all
Some of the wood and canisters at the site before they were removed. Photo supplied by Carol Peeney, Community Fire Protection Arson Officer for Knowsley.
The public got to see some classic ambulances and witness the skills and modern equipment used by firefighters and paramedics when they are called to crashes, during an open day.
Around 100 people attended the event at Newton-le-Willows Community Fire Station. Firefighters and paramedics from the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) NHS Trust both use the station and staged the event in July together.
Further joint training will also be held with firefighters at the station and NWAS as part of work connected to the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP).
Watch Manager Neil Henry, who was at the event and is based at the station, said: “North West Ambulance Service staff here at Newton organised classic ambulance vehicles to be brought in and displayed together with their modern response vehicles and ambulances. As part of the day, and working with those from NWAS, as we do regularly on various call-outs, we illustrated the skills and equipment firefighters use to free people from vehicles following crashes.
“We rescued people, who were actors playing the part of casualties, after they had been ‘stabilised’ by paramedics.
We, along with NWAS staff, also explained how we approached this type of call-out and what equipment we use.”
North West Ambulance Service staff demonstrated their modern ambulance units’ equipment and emergency trauma care intervention and their community emergency responder gave a demonstration on CPR techniques.
Photo supplied by Watch Manager Neil Henry.

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