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A new project with our Service, which aims to help people in communities, has identified vulnerable people and those who do not have working smoke alarms in their homes.
Since Healthy Homes in Knowsley launched in September last year, over 3,200 homes have been visited as part of the initiative, which aims to improve both the living conditions and health and wellbeing of residents. This has resulted in over 1,100 referrals to other agencies including referrals for energy efficiency advice, smoke alarms and housing issues.
Healthy Homes aims to tackle common issues that residents may be experiencing, such as living in damp conditions, having difficulty managing household bills or disabled residents struggling to get around without adaptations to their home. These can all have a significant impact on health, wellbeing and general happiness.
Healthy Homes is a free service, provided by Knowsley Council in partnership with our Service.
The scheme, which now covers all homes in the borough, sees a trained advocate visiting a property and talking to the occupier about their health, home and wellbeing. This helps identify any health or support services the individual might need or want, as well as any aspect of their property that could be improved to benefit their health and wellbeing.
Sarah Bell, our Service’s District Prevention Manager for Knowsley, said: “Since the Healthy Homes Programme started, we have received over 200 referrals from the Healthy Homes Team for people who have not had a visit from the Fire Service in the last five years and have inadequate smoke alarms or are vulnerable and are considered to be at a higher risk of having a fire. This is 200 homes that the Fire Service would not have been aware needed our assistance had it not been for the partnership between the Healthy Homes Team and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service.
“As a partner of the Healthy Homes Team, they have assisted us in a number of campaigns, such as the Home Safety Campaign in Kirkby on Older People’s Day on October 1, 2014, and the Electrical Safety Week campaign which we ran in Stockbridge Village in November. Their assistance at these
campaigns allowed us to visit many more properties and provide residents not just with our service but also the Healthy Homes service.”
Group Manager Dean Bolton, district manager for Knowsley, said: “We are very proud to be a partner of this fantastic programme and even within the short amount of time it has been up and running we have seen some really positive outcomes. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service hope to continue to be involved in the programme and, as a partner, assist with the development of the programme for its duration and thereafter.”
Matthew Ashton, Director of Public Health in Knowsley, said
“The feedback we have received through the initiative has been extremely positive and I would encourage as many of our residents to take part.”
If you want like to take part in Healthy Homes in Knowsley, call 0800 694 0370 or email
Second Floor Rescue
Firefighters used a 135-metre ladder to rescue a man from the second floor of a building and led three others to safety after a fire started.
Our Service was called at 1.36am to Russell Road, Mossley Hill, on January 16. The fire was extinguished within an hour of the call. Two men and one woman were led to safety by firefighters. The building had a ground floor, first floor and second floor. The ladder rescue was from the second floor.
The man brought to safety down a ladder by firefighters was given oxygen by paramedics at the scene.
Watch Manager Jim Murray, who attended the call-out with Red Watch firefighters at Allerton Community Fire Station, said: “Firefighters led three people to safety and used a 135-metre ladder to rescue a man from a second floor window.
“Firefighters contained the fire to the flat where it started and extinguished the fire but there was severe smoke-logging to the second floor. A number of residents had evacuated the building before our arrival and we also checked on two people in two other flats, reassured them and initially told them to remain in their flats due to a lot of smoke in the corridor. Once firefighters had cleared the smoke from the corridor, these two people were led to safety. The occupiers of the flat where the fire started had evacuated the building prior to our arrival.”
Firefighters carried out Home Fire Safety Checks in the building following the fire.
Three fire appliances were sent to the scene. Fire appliances from Allerton Community Fire Station, Toxteth Community Fire Station and Kensington Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
Helping Communities
Left to right in the photos is: Group Manager Dean Bolton, our Service’s district manager for Knowsley, Steve Gowland, Healthy Homes Manager at Knowsley Council, Healthy Homes Advocate Bill Bates, Sarah Banks, Housing Renewal Officer, Healthy Homes Team, Knowsley Council, Healthy Homes Advocate Jack Fenlon, Station Manager Mark Thomas and Healthy Homes Advocate Marcella Jones. Sarah Bell, MF&RS district prevention manager for Knowsley stands near the front of the photo, third in from the right.
Photo: Karl Mansfield.

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