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L e s t W e F o r g e t
A mixture of retired and serving firefighters, and his wife in Sarajevo, in July 1914, whilst including Service Chaplain Bill Sanders, have taken attracting the headlines in the newspapers, must leave for a short visit to France to remember those have seemed a far off event which was not going to who fought fires in Merseyside and were personally affect the 106 men who made killed during World War One. up the Liverpool Police Fire Brigade at
reservists in the Army or Royal Navy, by August 2 all would be
recalled to the colours as the UK became involved in the Great War.
Two of them were destined not to return home.
“By December a further 14 men had decided to resign from the Fire Police and
join the Colours and three of these would also be killed. So, by December, 25% of the Brigade were involved in the War placing a great
strain on those who remained trying to maintain fire cover in a City of some 800,000 souls.
“The year 2014 marks the Centenary of the outbreak of the Great War and it is appropriate we remember the ultimate sacrifice made by the five men.”
Fire Policemen Beresford, Gavin, Hoffman,
Johnson and Corporation Driver
Cheadle along with Lever Brothers “Yet, because ten of these men were
the six stations they manned across the City.
Fire Brigade Fireman Stallard will all be remembered during special services where the flags of our Service will be lowered in remembrance. They all died during fighting in World War One.
Those making the trip to France include retired Station Manager Peter O’Donnell and retired Watch Manager Robert Burn.
They will visit the graves at the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s Cemetery Dive Copse and the Le Touret Memorial.
Both James Beresford and Charles Frederick Gavin’s names were inscribed on the Memorial at Le Touret on which are listed 13,375 British soldiers killed between August 1914 and December 1915 in Northern France and who have no known grave.
Simon Ryan, from our Service, who is also
travelling to France as part of the remembrance, said: “The assassination of the heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Reverend Bill Sanders.
Photo by Tony Thomas
The grave of PC 174 ‘H’ William Johnson in the cemetery in Fredrikshavn Kirke at Stavern, Denmark. There is a memorial beside the graves. The inscription reads: “North Sea battle - 31/6/1916 - 4 brave British sailors rest peacefully here”. William was the only body to be recovered from the Turbulent’s crew of 102 men.

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