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An insight into injury management protocols
There are a number of mechanisms used within Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service to assist staff who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries, to regain
full fitness. These are:
1. Through a referral from Occupational Health, physiotherapy treatment is provided.
2. On occasions the Occupational Health Department may offer three months’ membership at a gym.
3. Visits to Jubilee House in Penrith through the Fire Fighters Charity.
4. And, most recently, rehabilitation sessions
with the Health and Fitness advisor Bill
Pirrie at the TDA. Bill, who is a fully
qualified Graduate Sport Therapist,
specialises in musculoskeletal injury
management and rehabilitation. Bill and
his team have been working with several
firefighters who are on their way back to
full operational duties. The injuries dealt with have been varied from knee injuries, shoulder injuries and cardiac rehabilitation. Bill has been working in collaboration with the firefighters’ physiotherapists and the Penrith rehabilitation centre.
Case Study:
Striving to Success
My Weight Management Diary
Firefighter in their late 40s.
Starting weight: 18 stone, 5 pounds. Weight to date: 16 stone, 12 pounds. Total loss: 21 pounds.
My Diary
Why did you feel you wanted to lose weight, any particular trigger which focussed you on getting started?
I hit 18 plus stone and was appalled. Firefighter fitness for over 50s also a big factor.
How did you go about starting your weight management programme?
Handy Apps on phone allowed me to monitor my calorie intake and weight. Also they helped to keep track of what training I was doing and the visible results of doing more training for longer periods.
What was easy about the plan?
Reducing the size of my meal portions and drinking more water.
What was hard about the plan?
Exercising regularly again.
What advice would you give others trying to lose weight?
Don’t go crazy. Do little steps at a time.
• Smaller food portions to start.
• A little exercise (increase every week).
• Drink more water throughout day.
• Set yourself goals.
• Record your achievements so you can see
the results.
Thanks for taking part.
Photos supplied by Bill Pirrie.
Jeff Richardson Shoulder Rehabilitation.
Marc Chatterton receiving Shoulder Rehabilitation from Bill.
Steve McCann Knee Rehabilitation
Paul Cunningham completing fitness rehabilitation after an illness
Steve Taylor Cardiac Rehabilitation.

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