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Ray-sing Awareness
Make sure you factor in sun protection
Sun care this summer
Exposing your skin to sunlight can be beneficial because the suns UV rays produce vitamin D which is important for maintaining and developing healthy bones. However, too much sun is harmful and can damage your skin, putting you at risk of developing skin cancer. Too much sun can also damage your eyes.
Short-term damage
Suntan - When the skin tans it is a sign that it has been damaged and is trying to protect itself. UV radiation causes your skin to develop more melanin pigment (brown colour) to help protect against further damage.
Sunburn - Sun exposure for too long causes sunburn. The skin becomes red, hot and painful and even peels. Sunburn damages the genetic material inside your cells which can lead to the development of cancer.
Eye inflammation - This is a kind of sunburn to your eyes and can develop when UV rays reflect off surfaces such as snow, water and sand. Eyes may become painful and swollen and you may experience problems with your vision.
Long-term damage
Skin Aging - If you regularly expose your skin to the sun without protection it can cause premature aging. Skin becomes wrinkled and leathery with dark patches. It loses elasticity and becomes dry and coarse.
Skin cancer -The main cause of skin cancer is exposing the skin to too much UV rays, from the sun or sun beds. There are two types of skin cancer; melanoma and non-melanoma. Getting badly burnt and regular over exposure can contribute to getting skin cancer.
Cataracts - Cataracts are when the lens in your eye becomes clouded. It can lead to blindness if not treated. Exposing eyes to UV rays makes the development of cataracts more likely.
Prevent sun damage
• Findshade.ParticularlywhentheSunisatits strongest between the hours of 11am and 3pm.
• Coveryouskinandeyes.Ensureyour sunglasses have 100% UV protection.
• UseasunscreenthatprotectsfrombothUVA and UVB rays.
• Usesunscreenregularlyandgenerously.
• SomeUVradiationpassesthroughlightcloud, so you need to protect yourself if it is cloudy. Snow reflects most UV rays so it can cause sun burn too.
• Youngskinissensitiveandveryeasilydamaged by the Sun, so it is very important to keep babies and young children protected.
Dine With Legends
Guests are invited to dine with Liverpool FC legend John Aldridge and top football speakers at a sportsman’s dinner in aid of The Fire Fighters Charity.
The event, which will include a three course meal in the glittering Trophy Room at Anfield, a tour of The Legends Lounge and the dug-out, will take place on Friday, September 19.
It will be hosted by John Aldridge, along with Liverpool football commentator Peter McDowall and football player impersonator Darren Farley.
Individual tickets for the event are £45 each or £400 for a table of 10, which does not include drinks. During the night there will also be the opportunity to bid on exciting memorabilia.

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