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A rare vintage appliance that served in Liverpool in The Blitz and was given to Germany in 1962 has returned to Merseyside.
The 1930 Leyland Metz turntable ladder appliance, which is one of four ever made, has arrived at the MF&RS Heritage and Education Centre.
Simon Ryan travelled over to Germany to organise its return. The Heritage and Education Centre holds more than 80,000 photographs and records.
It hosts visits from schools and other groups throughout the year with the experience tailor-made to suit the visitors’ requirements. Visitors are given a presentation on the history of the Fire and Rescue Service, followed by a tour of the site.
Groups wishing to visit the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Heritage and Education Centre should make an appointment by calling 0151 2964640 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
The Chief Fire Officers Association @CFOAfire Tweeted in June - Congrats to former firefighter Danny Murphy on being awarded a BEM for his work with @MerseyFire's Museum
On June 14 this Tweet was sent - @MerseyFire just had a visit from a couple of friendly people checking my alarms :-)
Community Champion Tweeted on June 14 during a car rescue demonstration in Huyton - @MerseyFire doing a training exercise on the car park
showing how they rescue people from cars.
St Helens Council @sthelenscouncil Tweeted on June 13 - Great demo by @MerseyFire 2day. If you're enjoying #WorldCup with some drinks plan your trip home #dontdrinkanddrive
After serving Liverpool, it was presented as a gift to the Metz factory in Germany and, thanks partly to a grant from ex- members of MF&RS, the appliance is back on Merseyside for the first time in 52 years.
The appliance has an 85-foot wooden ladder and was used during World War Two.
It will be restored by the ex-members, who are volunteers at the Heritage and Education Centre.
Danny Murphy, of the Heritage and Education Centre, said:
“It is fantastic to see such an important vehicle from Liverpool’s firefighting history returned to Merseyside.
“It is a rare vehicle that will form a valuable part of our unique collection at the Heritage and Education Centre.
“We will be restoring the vehicle to bring it back to prime condition and it will be on display for all to see.”
The vintage appliance back in Merseyside. Photo: Lyndsay Young.

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