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Group Manager Gary Oakford, on the left of the photo, with Sheena Ramsey, Chief Executive, Knowsley Council, and Superintendent Kevin Wellens from Merseyside Police on the right. Photo supplied by Knowsley Council.
Initiative against domestic abuse heats up
Three fire appliances in the Knowsley district have been branded “We want to let both men and women know that they don’t have to support the Choices campaign against domestic abuse. to accept domestic abuse – they have a choice. Help and support
It is part of the Service’s work with the Safer Knowsley Partnership which paid for the awareness imagery and messages on the fire appliances.
As part of the high profile campaign, the fire appliances have been branded with the message “Domestic abuse – it’s all about choices”.
It was part of the latest phase of the campaign focusing on getting the message out and about around Knowsley. As well as fire appliances, the message can be seen on taxis, buses and roadside adverts across the borough.
The aim of the campaign is to encourage victims to take the first step and report domestic abuse and inform perpetrators that they have a choice and they can get help to change their behaviour. Help really is only a phone call away.
Sheena Ramsey, joint Chair of the Safer Knowsley Partnership, said “We do not underestimate how difficult that first call will be, but it is the right thing to do.
“We want to get this message out to as many people as possible and using fire engines is a highly visible way for us to do this.
is available for victims and offenders. We’re encouraging victims to take the first step to report the abuse and offenders to take the first step to help stop the cycle of abuse.”
The Safer Knowsley Partnership consists of Knowsley Council, Merseyside Police, Merseyside Probation Trust, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Clinical Commissioning Group, Knowsley Housing Trust and Villages Housing. They also work with other agencies including Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services.
Group Manager Gary Oakford, Knowsley District Manager, said:
“We are delighted to support the Safer Knowsley Partnership and the messages on the appliances will be seen by many people in the community throughout the campaign.”
Domestic abuse can take many forms, including verbal, psychological, emotional, social, financial and sexual, as well as physical.
Call Knowsley’s Domestic Violence helpline on 0800 953 4433 for help and support. Alternatively, Knowsley Domestic Violence Support Services offer a range of support and programmes to help both victims and offenders – call 0151 548 3333.
An Improvement Scheme was launched last year and some great ideas from staff have been implemented by the Service.
The new scheme called for suggestions from staff on improvements they would like to see made.
Some fantastic ideas from employees have been taken on board and staff are being encouraged to come forward with any more suggestions.
An idea by one firefighter, to set up an online “equipment dump”, was implemented. The idea was to have
a link on the Portal home page where information could be placed so that equipment could be swapped over or left behind following an incident to improve efficiency and retrieval of equipment.
The suggestion was agreed by the Improvement Committee and considered as part of the Operational Equipment review. The firefighter was also involved in the process through to the implementation of his idea.
Another firefighter also came up with a suggestion surrounding road traffic collision training at supermarkets and other locations for young people.
The suggestion was tailored slightly and taken on board by the Road Traffic Collision Reduction Team. The team has been working hard to put together a package aimed at 15 to 19-year-olds at schools and colleges. This can also be used for supermarkets and other locations, as Simon suggested. Watches are being trained on how to deliver the package.
Sue Nash, who is on the Improvement Committee, said: “We have had some positive feedback from those candidates who, whilst not gaining a financial reward, maybe have had some form of assistance in developing their suggestion, or had the recognition for their suggestion and have been able to attend courses and events that normally they would have not been involved with, and overall have been pleased with the process.
“It is important as an employee to know that your opinion or suggestion is being heard and to have your work valued and your views listened to.
“A continuous supply of new ideas and suggestions can lead to increased productivity, provide efficiencies in our current climate, eliminate waste, improve employee morale, all contributing to a more effective fire service.”
This is a non-financial reward payment system. It is a suggestions scheme that focuses on rewards such as being involved in seeing a great idea brought to fruition.
To submit an idea for the Improvement Scheme, please visit the Portal home page and click on the lightbulb icon.

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