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Hundreds of school pupils had an eye-opening experience when they saw classmate volunteers rescued by firefighters from a car.
The rescue demonstration earlier this year at Calday Grange Grammar School, in Caldy, Wirral, followed 10 weeks of RTC reduction presentations delivered to the entire sixth form.
It is the second year firefighters from our Service have delivered road safety awareness at Calday Grammar and our involvement with the upper sixth form is now firmly part of the school curriculum.
Watch Manager Phil Hunt, who is based at West Kirby Community Fire Station and has taken part in work with the school as well as the demonstration, said: "Crews from West Kirby and Heswall community fire stations along with paramedics based at Birkenhead Community Fire Station completed a RTC rescue demonstration at the school.
"Four Calday sixth form pupils needed rescuing from the vehicle in front of more than 220 other upper sixth form students. The demonstration involved gathering information before making a 999 call, how to maintain airways, breathing and circulation of an unconscious casualty, followed by a full plan A and Plan B extrication, which included the removal of the car roof using hydraulic equipment.
"During the demonstration the extrication activities were paused at key stages to allow students to approach the vehicle and ask questions of both our firefighters and of course our volunteer casualties and what it was like from their perspective. All of this really drove home the message on road safety and how we work with other emergencies at the scene of a collision."
Five Rescued
Five people were rescued by firefighters from first and second floor windows of a three-storey building after a fire started and smoke blocked escape routes.
The fire, which involved an electrical intake, started on a Saturday night at the building near Meols Drive, West Kirby.
Station Manager Mark Thomas, who attended the call- out, said: “Crews from West Kirby, Upton and Heswall community fire stations attended the property and on arrival firefighters wearing breathing apparatus were committed to tackle a fire on the ground floor.
“There were large volumes of smoke and heat and this had blocked the exits to the premises for those people inside. Firefighters used nine-metre ladders to go to their aid and helped two people from the second floor and two people from the first floor to safety.”
“The Merseyside Fire and Emergency Support Service (FESS), which is run by volunteers with the British Red Cross, also attended Arrowe Park Hospital to offer support to three of the people who had been rescued,” Station Manager Thomas added.
Firefighters extinguished the fire and made sure no- one else was inside the building during the call-out on May 17.
In another call-out a woman was rescued by firefighters after a fire involving a chip pan started. Smoke alarms in the building activated and alerted people to the fire.
Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire in a kitchen of a property near Alton Road, Claughton, Birkenhead, on May 14 and fire appliances from Birkenhead, Wallasey and Bromborough attended.
Photos supplied by Watch Manager Phil Hunt.

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