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“ Lads...
We Need to Talk
About Cancer...”
the importance of early diagnosis. You’ll also get a chance to go behind the scenes in one of their laboratories.
For further information and details about the event, or to book your free place, please visit: to-talk-about-cancer-tickets-11552476769
Look Out For Your Neighbour
Merseyside were deployed to Utting Avenue and surrounding roads.
Firefighters and fire prevention staff carried out 103 Home Fire Safety Checks, fitted smoke alarms and delivered fire safety leaflets.
Watch Manager Phil Byrne said: “Hundreds of homes were visited during the campaign.
“Staff offered fire safety advice, highlighting the importance of having a smoke alarm fitted on each floor of the property and testing them every week.
“They also urged smokers to ensure cigarettes are stubbed out properly, are not left unattended and are in
a proper ashtray that will not topple over. Residents were also encouraged to check on elderly or vulnerable neighbours, who may be more at risk of a fire.
“We hope the work we carried out in the community will help prevent a serious fire in the future.”
Terry Joyce, 56, a resident whose home on Utting Avenue was visited during the campaign, said: “I think the campaign is a good idea, especially for older residents.
I think people should try and look after their neighbours.”
An MF&RS arson officer was also in the area detecting fly-tipping and dumped materials
that are in danger of being targeted and deliberately set on fire.
For free fire safety advice call 0800 731 5958.
Watch Manager Jason Hannah offering fire safety advice to resident Terry Joyce during the reassurance campaign in Anfield.
North West Cancer Research, University of Liverpool and Liverpool FC Foundation are hosting a free public event on Friday, June 27, this year.
Men in our region are famously bad at consulting their GP, even when they have symptoms which could be an indication of cancer.
Male life expectancy in certain parts of Merseyside is around 15 years less that the UK average. Late diagnosis costs lives.
At this event you’ll have the chance to talk to the experts about cancer, signs and symptoms and
Firefighters and other Service staff from our Service visited 307 homes during a campaign following a serious fire.
The work followed a fire on Utting Avenue, in Anfield, on Monday, May 12, in which a man was rescued from a house by firefighters.
Firefighters were called out to the house and, following an investigation, the suspected cause of the fire was a cigarette.
The fire started in the lounge and the man was discovered by firefighters in another room. He was taken to hospital for treatment.
During the day-long campaign eight fire appliances from across
Firefighters and staff who carried out the reassurance campaign in Anfield.
Photos: Lyndsay Young.

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