Page 19 - HOT NEWS JUNE 2014
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As we are all aware the unprecedented challenges faced by the Authority have necessitated significant change to the structure of the organisation and the way in which we operate. These challenges are set to continue for the foreseeable future and will continue to have an impact on each and every one of you.
That being so, I consider it vitally important that you are able to voice your opinions on the changes, how they are being managed and how it feels to work for the Authority at this moment in time.
As such the Authority is seeking your initial views via a staff survey, a link to which will be sent out to you in June, and whilst I understand that face to face dialogue is far more conducive to service improvement, it sometimes, unintentionally, misses people out of the conversation.
Only by listening to everyone will we be able to fully meet the future challenges.
The easiest thing would be not to ask the questions for fear of the answer – however, that is not the way we have worked up until this point and it is not the way we will work in the future.
The staff survey is endorsed and has the full support of all four of our Representative Bodies (FBU, FOA, Unison and Unite), who urge you to take up this opportunity to complete the survey.
The survey can be completed between June 16th and July 28th and I would encourage all of you to take part.
We intend to run another survey next year to see how work following this survey has helped to make positive changes.
I am aware some people may have concerns associated with completing a survey so, following advice and research on notable practice; I make the following commitments over the running of the survey:
• The Survey will be confidential and we will not be able to find the responses of any individual member of staff. We will be provided with an overall feedback report by an external survey company, People Insight, which has extensive experience of managing surveys for other fire and rescue services.
• I have asked managers to ensure time is created within your work routine to complete the survey. It will be completed online to keep costs to a minimum.
• The overall survey feedback will be published on the intranet.
• Following the receipt of the overall feedback, we will work with staff representatives to develop an action plan to highlight key areas for improvement.
• Costs are being kept to a minimum. It is absolutely right to conduct a staff survey to help us in taking our Fire and Rescue Service forward. It is absolutely right to invest money in an external supplier for this survey, to ensure it is completely professional, independent, and confidential.
More information will be provided to you by email on the survey and how to complete it in due course.
Thank you.
Dan Stephens
Chief Fire Officer
This is your opportunity to contribute to improving our organisation through completing your survey honestly, and confidentially. The more surveys are returned, the more we can be sure the feedback we receive is reliable.

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