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A man was rescued by White Watch firefighters after he was found up to his waist in mud.
The man was found after a collision involving a transit van, which had left Bold Lane, in Bold, a few miles from St Helens.
Watch Manger Pete Nelson, who attended the call-out with White Watch at St Helens Community Fire Station, said: “It appears the man became stuck up to his waist in mud after climbing out of the vehicle following the collision.
“We spread the weight of the man using a number of sections of a triple extension ladder and tied a line around the man to help him out of the mud. This situation could have been worse as the man was already cold and wet when we arrived.”
The man was assessed by paramedics and taken to Whiston Hospital for a precautionary check-up.
A fire appliance from St Helens Community Fire Station attended the call-out on May 6. The Search and Rescue Team also attended the call-out along with the Incident Management Team.
Girl Saved
A girl was helped to safety by firefighters after she became stuck on a roof in a park.
It is understood the girl could not find a way down from the roof.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 8.39pm on a Tuesday to Central Park, near Liscard Road, Wallasey.
Firefighters from Wallasey Community Fire Station used a triple extension ladder to climb up to where the girl was, around 15 foot off the ground, and brought her to safety. She was unharmed.
Firefighters had left the scene within 20 minutes of the call.
A fire appliance from Birkenhead Community Fire Station also attended the call-out on April 29.
More Than a Scrap Left
Firefighters extinguished a fire involving scrap metal in a yard.
Our Service’s control room received six calls about the fire at the site in Merton Bank Road, St Helens.
A fire appliance from St Helens Community Fire Station and one from Newton-le-Willows Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
Watch Manager Mike Foster, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Green Watch at St Helens Community Fire Station, said: “When we arrived the fire was about to spread to a pick-up truck and excavating machinery. We used ladders to access the yard where the fire was. We prevented the fire spreading and causing serious damage to machinery in the yard and the pick-up truck.
“There were large quantities of thick, black smoke visible from a few miles away from this fire and flames were reaching around six feet above the pile of scrap metal when we arrived
“The fire involved around three tonnes of scrap metal but this was part of a pile estimated to be around 40 tonnes. We stopped the fire spreading through the rest of the scrap metal pile.”
The cause of the fire, which started on April 29, was suspected to be accidental.

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