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Workouts Fit For Purpose
In my discussion with the Service fitness advisers we have looked at ways of making fitness training fun and beneficial we have placed several training sessions on the portal with a view to add lots more. We will be looking at aspects of cardiovascular, resistance and flexibility training, which we hope will be enjoyed by all personnel. I am a great advocate for circuit training as this type of training covers most aspects in relation to general fitness and working in a group does motivate trainers. Circuits are only limited by the trainer’s imagination. Levels of work can be increased by adding time or reps to the workout.
The big question I always ask is Fit for what? When we look at various activities required by operational firefighters we see Lifting, Pulling, Dragging, Hoisting, Walking, Jogging, Climbing, Carrying and Crawling. This is not an exhaustive list and, of course, all of these tasks are carried out whilst wearing protective clothing, sometimes wearing
BA (Breathing Apparatus), and in hot, humid atmospheres. So the answer to the big question is Fit to complete Firefighting duties. The Fire Fit steering group are researching functional fitness testing utilising simulated firefighting tasks. I have discussed this with the Physical Training Advisers and we agree we should research more functional training routines which incorporate all of the tasks outlined above. We are, at this moment in time, designing programmes that simulate these tasks which are gym-based, with a view to taking a structured workout onto the training ground, such as a functional circuit.
The fitness regimes are now established on stations and the feedback I have been getting is that perhaps more flexibility training would be useful. I am writing a flexibility programme to assist those who wish to improve in this area. I have also offered to attend stations and help in putting together workouts,
so I am looking forward to some good varied fitness sessions.
Hello, I’m Bill Pirrie, the Service’s Health and Fitness Adviser. Since starting this post at the beginning of December I have been visiting all the stations within the Service and also getting to know the Service fitness advisers. We have also been taking the opportunity to review the stations and equipment. The most common question which is asked by personnel is “are we going to get gyms like the ones on the PFI station”. Well, the aspirations of the Service is to get all stations to that level not only in equipment but also in available space. I have tried to explain to some personnel that the PFI stations are purpose-built but some of the older stations have layouts that are not compatible with the PFI layout. However, my overall impressions were that most stations are set at a reasonable standard. I have now prioritised the stations for improvement with Crosby and Huyton getting a refurbishment within the next few weeks which we hope will meet the aspirations of not only the Service but also the staff.

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