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Toxteth Fire Fit Hub members take part in
a recent Ministry of Food session at the centre.
Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner got to see a Ministry of Food session involving young people at the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub recently.
Jane Kennedy saw the session at the end of February during a visit to the Hub to see the work being done by the team at the Hub to engage with young people.
Sara Lawton, Managing Director of the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub, said: “Through providing world-class facilities and a range of educational services during week days, the hub aims to help young people achieve both their personal goals and a healthy lifestyle as part of a truly unique site.
“It was fantastic the Police and Crime Commissioner took the time to visit the site and meet the young people to see our work here.”
The Youth Zone at the hub boasts top-of-the-range sports hall, martial arts studio, gym and dance studio, four five- a-side football pitches.
The Hub facilities are available for hire during weekdays and evenings. During the week the Hub is mostly used by educational partners who deliver teaching and learning.
It then opens its doors to members from 5pm on weekdays and weekends. Information about annual membership for the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub is available at the site or alternatively you can call 0151 296 6800 or visit
The Toxteth Fire Fit Hub was funded by the Department of Education’s Myplace initiative, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and Liverpool City Council.
She made the visit to also celebrate the success of the site since it opened in July last year in Upper Warwick Street, Toxteth.
The Commissioner saw the range of delicious offerings which members of the hub had created using fresh food.
Ministry of Food is a programme run by our Service to encourage healthier lifestyles and foods and to highlight fire safety in the kitchen and home. The Toxteth Fire Fit Hub fund and deliver the programme at their centre.
The visit also saw the first screening of a film made by hub members looking at the aspirations, health and well- being of young people across the city.
Jane Kennedy said: “It was real delight to visit the Toxteth Fire Fit Hub tonight and see the great work being done by this unique project to engage with young people across the city.
“The fact that the hub is already so well used by hundreds of young people is testament to its success so far.
“It is clear young people in Toxteth and the whole city love using the hub and really appreciate the help, support and fantastic opportunities it offers them. I look forward to seeing how it continues to grow in the next six months and beyond.”
The centre has Toxteth Community Fire Station and a “youth zone” consisting of extensive sports facilities for young people all on one site.
The unique site, which is run by a charitable company, is part of the Myplace scheme, which provides world-class facilities for young people from across Liverpool.
Photo supplied by Toxteth Fire Fit Hub.
Members of the Hub take part in a dodgeball game at the centre. Photo supplied by Toxteth Fire Fit Hub.

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