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cluB roof collapse
Firefighters tackled a fire at an empty former social club building in St Helens.
Four fire appliances were initially called out from
St Helens, Eccleston, Whiston and Kirby community fire stations and sent to the scene near Chancery Lane and Boardmans Lane.
The main body of the fire was extinguished within three hours, 20 minutes, of the first call to our Service. There were no reports of any injuries at the scene.
Damping down operations were still being carried out at the scene on the following morning by crews from Eccleston and St Helens Community Fire Station.
Station Manager Mark Thomas, who attended the incident, said: “When I was at the scene the roof of the building had collapsed and flames could be seen above the brickwork. We worked with the police to ask residents in the local area to close doors and windows so smoke did not enter any properties. There were large volumes of smoke from this fire.
“Firefighters used hand-controlled hoses and monitors, which can be set up on the ground to put water onto a particular area of a fire, to bring the fire under control. Firefighters worked safely and effectively through the night to tackle this incident.”
The fire, which started on February 27, was a suspected deliberate ignition.
Relocation, Relocation
The British Red Cross has moved their support vehicle for people in need following call-outs our firefighters attend. The Merseyside Fire and Emergency Support Service vehicle, manned by volunteers from the British Red Cross, has contact information and numbers for organisations as well as food and clothes on board, including baby clothes. Hot drinks can also be made in the vehicle or meals including soup and pasta in a pot for members of the public affected from fire and floods.
In 2012 the FESS was called out to 14 incidents. In 2013 they attended 57 incidents.
The FESS vehicle has been moved from our Service headquarter’s car park to Liverpool City Community Fire Station, helping to reduce response times of the vehicle as it is more central for the volunteers from Wirral.
Sharon Devlin, Fire and Emergency Support Service Co- ordinator for Merseyside, said: “FESS volunteers
have been able to help many people with various issues over the last year including contacting
insurers and surveyors to assess post-fire damage, finding alternative accommodation when the property is uninhabitable and providing clothes and food to individuals affected as well as emotional support to families who are vulnerable following an incident. We can and have in the last two years made a real difference.”
Sharon also said that she is happy to meet with any watches to highlight the role the vehicle and its volunteers can have at an incident after the emergency has been dealt with. Watch Managers can contact or 07710 976619 to arrange a visit to inform firefighters
on stations.
Sharon continued: “FESS can accept calls to
attend incidents at any time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The official operating hours of FESS are 6pm until 6am and 24 hours at weekends, but if there is an emergency at other times then we do have an out of hours number which can be used day or night to request FESS at an incident. FESS can only attend if they are requested.
“FESS can be requested through MACC and they can contact the Red Cross to arrange a response. FESS can attend hospitals for emotional support of casualties and have delivered this in the past.
“If possible, I would really urge the incident commanders to please take the details of any person who they think would benefit from some support and pass this on to MACC. If no personal details are available then FESS only needs an address and they will attend and ascertain who, if anyone, needs assistance. The FESS team will attend and contact the person direct when they can. FESS can contact individuals affected by crisis at any time day or night if they are requested.
“Our passionate and dedicated volunteers have maintained a 100% success rate with regards to responding to incidents we are requested at.”
Fire and Emergency Support Service Co-ordinator for Merseyside Sharon Devlin stands beside the FESS vehicle. Photo: Karl Mansfield.

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