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Getting that extra support from experts is very important for any quitter. Extra support from family, friends and experts helps people to quit smoking and stay smoke free.
Call NHS stop smoking services to see a specialist counsellor or get other types of support.
England: 0300 123 1044 Wales: 0800 085 2219 Quitline: 0800 00 22 00
Or alternatively for further help and information you can contact:
Roy Castle Fagends: 0800 195 2131
On February 24 @barrowformarrow tweeted - Big thanks you to @MerseyFire for looking after us today. Spreading awareness of our challenge.
@CllrBMurray tweeted on February 24 @jane4merseyside @CllrWendySimon @MerseyFire Speak 2 Gary Oakford at mfrs about the Fire Fit Programme 4 schools,1st class youth engagement
Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy tweeted on @jane4merseyside on February 24 - What a brilliant place Toxteth Fire hub is with @CllrWendySimon & @MerseyFire
On February 23 @allsecondscount tweeted - Lots positive work being done in #fireservice @LondonFire @manchesterfire & @MerseyFire Less fire, 
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