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Storming reaction
Firefighters attended 37 weather-related call-outs in ten hours and our control room dealt with more than 150 calls during the same period as windy weather battered Merseyside.
Firefighters were called to Warrington Road, Rainhill, after a tree demolished part of the rear section of a single storey classroom. Firefighters cordoned off the area. There were no reports of any injuries. A fire appliance from Whiston Community Fire Station attended.
Watch Manager Wayne Woods, who attended the call-out with Red Watch firefighters from Whiston Community Fire Station, said:
"It had demolished the last third of a single storey structure which measured around 10 metres wide by 30 metres long.
"We were told at the scene that the tree which had fallen, which I would estimate was more than 50 foot long, was possibly up to 100-years-old.
"The tree had also come to rest on three vehicles and part of
a two storey detached building. On site maintenance staff had isolated utilities. Staff had conducted a roll call and no injuries were involved. We made the area safe and contacted a structural engineer to attend."
Firefighters also attended at the scene where two chimney stacks had collapsed at a two storey building that contained flats in Lingdale Road, West Kirby. Firefighters set up lighting at the scene and requested a building surveyor. Firefighters also helped police at the scene to make sure all occupants had left their flats.
Our Service was also called to Dewsbury Road, Anfield, after part of a chimney stack and roof tiles had fallen from a roof. Firefighters used an aerial appliance, which has a platform on an extendable arm, to remove loose debris from a roof in the area. A fire appliance from Old Swan Community Fire Station and an aerial appliance from Liverpool City Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
Firefighters cordoned off a garden after part of a gable end of a property was damaged by the storm in Redcar Road, Wallasey. Firefighters also advised the occupier to stay indoors and contact a structural engineer. A fire appliance from Wallasey Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
Between 5pm on February 12 and 3am February 13 firefighters attended 37 storm-related
incidents including 11 across
Group Manager Glynis Lomax, who leads MACC Ops Preparedness, said: “Our control room did an excellent job during a very busy period dealing with more than 150 calls during February 12 and February 13. Not only this but during this time calls were queued and prioritised dependent on the information provided by the caller and responded to appropriately.
“At any one time there
were approximately 40
calls queued. While the
control room were
dealing with this, phone calls kept coming in.
“We managed the incident queue process very robustly making sure we have appliances available where lives are at risk or for a large-scale incident.”
Aid Floods Into Area
Firefighters from Merseyside helped to move flood water in Somerset in February and our Search and Rescue Team were also sent to Berkshire to assist the communities there.
The firefighters in Somerset operated High Volume Pumps sent to the area from around the country, one of which was deployed to Somerset from Merseyside on February 3.
Watch Manager Phil Hunt, who along with four firefighters from West Kirby and Heswall community fire stations travelled
to Somerset and worked near the village of Huntworth, said:
“We were working through the night pumping water into a canal, which was acting as a holding area, before the water was moved further.
“It was part of round the clock operations to help the communities in the surrounding areas and try to alleviate the flooding and reduce water levels in the area.”
On February 12 a fire appliance from Croxteth Community Fire Station, along with four firefighters and a Watch Manager, was sent to Maidenhead Fire Station. They arrived on the morning of February 13 and carried out a patrol near Cookham to see if anyone needed assistance.
Merseyside’s Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens is the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) strategic lead for National Resilience.
Chief Fire Officer Stephens said: “Fire and rescue services provide a significant element of any response to a situation such as mass flooding as seen across Somerset. They operate important assets with highly trained personnel that are there, ready to respond and help those in need. Our firefighters assisted communities in the affected areas.”
The large tree that had fallen near Warrington Road, Rainhill. Photo supplied by Watch Manager Wayne Woods.
Firefighters from Heswall and West Kirby community fire stations in Somerset during work to move flood water in February. Photo supplied by Watch Manager Phil Hunt.

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