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New drive to promote smoke alarms
Our Service is taking part in work to highlight the importance of smoke alarms as part of a national campaign.
The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) UK Home Safety Week, which runs from March 24 to March 30 will focus on the importance of working smoke alarms.
Campaigns will be run across each district to reinforce the part smoke detectors play in preventing fires and reducing injury and death. During the coming weeks operational crews will receive additional training to assist them in managing the risk of fire in people’s homes and enhance the effect that the Home Fire Safety Check has on safety in the home.
The work was also coinciding with the national Fire Kills campaign on the clocks going forward by one hour on March 30. The Fire Kills campaign, which
includes social media messages and
radio adverts, also focuses on the importance of having and checking smoke alarms.
Area Manager Myles Platt, who leads the Prevention department at our Service, said: “A working smoke
alarm is a vital piece of life-saving equipment for your home.
“We are urging people
across Merseyside to have a smoke alarm on each level of their home and to make it a regular part of their weekly or routine to check that their smoke alarm is working, by pressing the test button.
“If you need advice on smoke alarms or you want us to come and provide them for you contact our 0800 7315958 number where free fire safety advice is also available. Home Safety Week coincides with a ‘Review of Property Conditions in the Private Sector’ and proposed changes in the law to make it a requirement for private landlords to fit and maintain working smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in rented properties.
“We are also urging people to check on elderly neighbours, friends and relatives in their area who need smoke detectors. You can request a Home Fire Safety Check
for elderly and vulnerable people by calling 0800 731 5958.
“We also ask relatives to help check the smoke alarms in older people’s
homes and to make sure they have smoke alarms on each level of
their home.”
An article on the work of our Service during the week will be featured in the April edition of Hot News.
The Government’s national Fire Kills campaign created this image to help highlight the clock change and the importance of smoke alarms. Image supplied by Fire Kills.
Between 2006/7 and 2011/12 there were 658 fatalities in Great Britain where a smoke alarm was absent.
A smoke alarm with a 10-year battery retails on the high street for between £14.99 and £19.99. That’s the equivalent of £1.59 to £1.99 a year.
It would cost in between £11m and £13.7m to fit 10-year smoke alarms in rented private properties currently without alarms in England and Wales.
According to the 2011 English Housing Survey, 88% of households now have a smoke alarm – up from 74% in 2001.
We are urging people, MPs, and councils across Merseyside to support the introduction of regulation to ensure smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are fitted in all rented accommodation by emailing before March 28 this year.
The Review of Property Conditions in the Private Sector document can be found at this website address:

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