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Our Service backed the national Fire Kills campaign thoughout February in urging people to stay safe from fire in the kitchen.
People were urged not to let their meal plans go up in smoke on Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day. Residents were advised not to leave cooking unattended, not to get distracted and not to cook if tired or under the influence of alcohol.
In 2014, MF&RS attended 481 accidental dwelling fires across Merseyside caused by food cooking in the kitchen including 175 in Liverpool, 115 in Wirral, 92 in Sefton, 52 in St Helens and 47 in Knowsley.
MF&RS supported the Fire Kills campaign during National Chip Week in February by issuing safety messages to the public.
In 2014, MF&RS attended 171 fires across Merseyside involving chip pans or deep fat fryers in the home. This included 69 in Liverpool, 40 in Wirral, 25 in St Helens, 24 in Sefton and 13 in Knowsley.
People were advised to take care when cooking with oil and where possible to swap their chip pans for the safer option of deep fat fryers or to opt for oven chips.
Firefighters were called out to a number of kitchen fires during February.
A man was led to safety from a house near Utting Avenue in Anfield, after smoke alarms alerted neighbours when a pan of food left unattended caught fire.
Firefighters from Old Swan and Aintree community fire stations entered the property just after 11.10pm and led a man to safety. He was checked at the scene by paramedics.
Watch Manager Peter Campbell said: “Smoke alarms activated in the property, alerting the next door neighbour, who contacted the fire and rescue service. We had to force entry into the property and led a man to safety from inside. This illustrates the importance of smoke alarms as they can be heard by adjoining properties.”
Firefighters were also called out to a chip pan fire at student accommodation in Greek Street in Liverpool city centre just before 6am on a Wednesday.
Hard wired smoke alarms had been fitted and activated and the occupants evacuated before firefighters arrived. A woman was taken to the Royal Hospital for a precautionary check.
Fire crews were also called out to a kitchen fire at student accommodation in Everton on Shaw Street at around 8.10pm on a Thursday, after a plastic plate of food on the hob caught fire in a communal kitchen.
Hard wired smoke alarms had been fitted and activated. Firefighters from Kensington, Liverpool City and Toxteth community fire station attended and gave out fire safety advice.
An elderly woman was also given oxygen by firefighters after a chip pan caught fire at a house in Annesley Road, Wallsey, at around 7.50pm on a Thursday.
Hard wired smoke alarms activated and the elderly woman was out of the property when firefighters arrived. She was given oxygen by firefighters until the arrival of paramedics before she was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital by ambulance.
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Fire crews were called out to a fire at a flat in Southport that is believed to have been caused by discarded smoking materials.
Two fire appliances from Southport Community Fire Station were called out along with a fire appliance from Formby Community Fire Station. Firefighters left the scene just after 6pm.
Firefighters attended the property on Manchester Road at around 4.30pm, after a fire broke out in the kitchen of the first floor flat.
It is believed the fire was started accidentally and may have been caused by discarded smoking materials in a bin.
A plastic bin and its contents were damaged by fire and the kitchen was also damaged by fire. The remainder of the flat was damaged by smoke.
Our Service offered fire safety advice urging the public to prevent fires by ensuring smoking materials were properly extinguished in an ash tray and urging people to never place lit cigarettes or smoking materials in a waste bin.
Smoke detectors that had been fitted by our Service activated and alerted neighbours to the fire.
A man was rescued by firefighters from one of the other flats in the building. He was handed over to the care of paramedics and taken to Southport Hospital for a precautionary check.
Watch Manager Wayne Woods added: “Working smoke alarms can give a vital early warning to a fire. People should have smoke alarms fitted on each level of their home and are advised to test them regularly.”

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