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If Sooty Then Sweep
White Watch firefighters at Whiston Community Fire Station tackled two fires in one day that involved parts of chimneys in properties.
One of the fires involved a wooden beam above a chimney surround at a property near Central Avenue, Eccleston Park. Our Service was called at 6.52pm on a Sunday.
Firefighters extinguished the fire and gave the occupier advice. It was thought the fire had been caused by a build-up of combustible materials in the chimney which had ignited and caused the fire to spread. Fire crews had left the scene by 8.06pm.
In the other call-out, firefighters attended a fire involving part of a chimney earlier on Sunday near Gerards Lane, Peasley Cross at around 4.15pm.
Watch Manager Steve Cooke, who attended the call- out with firefighters from Whiston Community Fire Station, said: “A firefighter in rope access gear worked from a ladder on the roof of the property and, using a hose, put water onto the flames to extinguish them. It was thought the fire had been caused by a build-up of combustible materials in the chimney which had ignited and caused the fire to spread.
“Firefighters also took readings for carbon monoxide in a neighbouring property using the equipment they carry on fire appliances but the equipment did not find any levels of carbon
monoxide. The neighbours had said they had been feeling nauseous in recent days, so we requested an ambulance to assess their condition.
“We advise people sweep chimneys regularly and have carbon monoxide alarms in their homes to detect what is known as the ‘Silent Killer’. Carbon Monoxide cannot be seen, tasted and has no smell but it can cause people to feel dizzy, nauseous and can cause people to become unconscious.
“We also urge people to have their gas appliances checked each
year by a Gas Safe registered
gas engineer to help prevent carbon monoxide (CO)
poisoning in your property.”
Three people were checked by paramedics. Firefighters had left the scene by 6.53pm. A fire appliance from Whiston Community Fire Station and one from Huyton Community Fire Station attended the call-out on February 8.
A detector that is used by fire crews to detect levels of carbon monoxide.
Deliberate Blaze
Firefighters extinguished a fire involving a quantity of rubbish which had spread to a house on Silvester Street in Vauxhall.
Three fire appliances attended the incident at around 3pm and two hose jets and a main hose were used to tackle the flames.
An aerial appliance also attended to tackle the fire involving the roof. There were no reports that anyone was injured in the incident.
Watch Manager Dave Topping, who attended the call-out with Blue Watch at Kirkdale Community Fire Station, said: “This was an empty and unoccupied property and a fire had started in the
rear garden. This was a large fire involving rubbish including fence panels.
“The pile was around one metre high and about three metres wide. The fire spread to the whole property, setting fire to the roof. Firefighters worked quickly to stop the fire spreading any further.”
It is suspected that the fire was started deliberately and firefighters were at the scene until just after 5pm on February 2, the day of the call-out.
The fire severely damaged two unoccupied properties. Fire Control received six calls about the fire.
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