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Safe Havens have been introduced to all community fire stations in Liverpool and Sefton to help protect people when they are at their most vulnerable.
Community fire stations across Liverpool and Sefton are now designated as Safe Havens for members of the public who feel threatened, intimidated or at risk.
The Liverpool signs were launched at an unveiling at Old Swan Fire Station and the Sefton signs were launched at Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station.
Safe Havens are easily identified by an illuminated sign on the stations that can be seen at night. If firefighters are not at the station, people can still call for assistance for an emergency situation by using the yellow emergency phone box located at the front of the buildings, below the Safe Haven signs.
They will also provide people with the opportunity to report hate crime or domestic violence should they feel that this action is appropriate.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan said: “We want people to know fire stations are there as a place of safety, where they can go if they are feeling vulnerable, at risk or are feeling under threat from harm.
“As welcoming and friendly places in the heart of the community, fire stations are ideal locations for the Safe Havens. Firefighters are also experienced in helping people in traumatic times and the initiative will help us to serve the public when they need us most.”
In Liverpool the Safe Haven initiative is run by Liverpool City Council. The signs have been funded by Liverpool Community Safety Partnership as part of the Liverpool City Council’s Citysafe partnership.
MP Luciana Berger; Councillor Emily Spurrell, Chair of Citysafe; Councillor Dave Hanratty, Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority and Councillor Peter Brennan, of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority attended the launch in Liverpool.
The Sefton signs have been funded through the Safer Sefton Community Partnership, which is made up of partners including our Service, Merseyside Police and Sefton Council.
Jane Kennedy, Police and Crime Commissioner for Merseyside and local councillors were among the guests at the launch in Sefton.
Ms Kennedy added: “Safe Havens offer people somewhere safe to go if they feel threatened or in danger. They have worked extremely well in other areas of Merseyside and I am delighted that they will now be used in Sefton too.”
Safe Havens have already been rolled out at community fire stations across Knowsley and Wirral.
Our arson reduction co-ordinator joined the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner in February for the launch of a campaign to reduce hate crime in Merseyside.
Watch Manager Ian Mullen joined Jane Kennedy at Liverpool’s Central Library for the launch of the “Love not Hate” campaign on February 13, ahead of Valentine’s Day.
The campaign urges people not to suffer in silence and encourages victims to contact Merseyside Police or, if they don’t feel confident speaking to the police, to get in touch with Stop Hate UK. The charity have been funded by
the Police and Crime Commissioner to deliver an independent confidential 24/7 helpline for victims across Merseyside.
People can report hate crimes at the Safe Havens on our Service’s
community fire stations. The Toxteth Fire Fit Hub, based on Upper Warwick Street in Toxteth, also
announced at the event that they were also launching as a third party reporting centre.
Ms Kennedy, said: “Victims need to know they will be believed and listened to if they
go to the police.
“But if, for any reason, they don’t
feel comfortable contacting the police, they can contact Stop Hate
UK in confidence.”
People can call the Stop Hate UK 24-hour Stop Hate Crime Helpline on 0800 138 1625.
Watch Manager Ian Mullen, Arson reduction co-ordinator, joined the Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Photo by Daniel Dawson.
Photo by Tony Thomas.
Councillor Dave Hanratty, Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority; Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan; MP Luciana Berger; Councillor Emily Spurrell, Chair of Citysafe and Councillor Peter Brennan of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority.
Photo by Lyndsay Young.
Councillor Trish Hardy, Chair of the Safer Sefton Community Partnership; Leader of Sefton Council, Councillor Peter Dowd; Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan; Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy and Group Manager Rob Pritchard pictured with Rebecca Withey, 17 and Brian Mok, 21 of Sefton Young Advisors, who helped design the Safe Haven signs for the Sefton community fire stations.

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