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Firefighters and paramedics during the training exercise at RAF Woodvale. Photo by Tony Thomas
Firefighters in Sefton have been busy taking part in training exercises on Freshfield Dune Heath in Formby and RAF Woodvale in Ainsdale.
A fire crew from Formby Community Fire Station joined The Wildlife Trust in a controlled burn exercise on Freshfield Dune Heath in Formby, using it as a training exercise on how to tackle wildfires.
The exercise enhanced the firefighters’ knowledge on how wildfires spread and their awareness of grassland in the area.
It is the first time The Wildlife Trust has carried out a controlled burn at this location and the aim was to reduce the gorse in order to increase wildlife into that section of land.
Fiona Whitfield, Conservation Officer for North Merseyside at The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside, said: “The control burn was a useful exercise in seeing how gorse reacts to fire.”
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service has set up the Sefton Coast Wildfire Group, which is a partnership aimed at protecting the coastline from wildfire.
Crew Manager Rob Laisney, of Formby Community Fire Station, said: “The controlled burn exercise was useful in helping firefighters to gain an understanding in how wildfires can spread and also to determine the best way of tackling such fires.”
“Training is vital to ensure firefighters are aware of the hazards incorporated while tackling these fires, including the danger of the change of wind direction, the high volumes of smoke and the hazards that lie underfoot.”
Firefighters from Formby, Southport and Crosby community fire stations also took part in a multi-agency training exercise at RAF Woodvale in Ainsdale.
The exercise was set up by the RAF and aimed to test their ability to respond if an aircraft collision occurred on site.
Fire crews and theNorth West Ambulance Service also worked together to carry out a simulated rescue from a vehicle.
Training Days
The controlled burn exercise on Freshfield Dune Heath. Photo by Tony Thomas.

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