Page 12 - HOT NEWS MAY 2014
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What’s Cooking?
The good food guide
by Our Service’s Health and Fitness Adviser Bill Pirrie.
To ensure that I lead a healthy lifestyle, I like to monitor my weight and fitness levels. I use an app called MyFitnessPal - it’s an easy app to use where you record your food intake and exercise output. This is a great guide to allow you to see how you are progressing and assist you to adapt your program according to your results. I have had many conversations with staff around diet and nutrition, and how some people really struggle to lose weight despite trying many different eating plans. What the evidence clearly
shows us is that fad diets don’t have a long-term effect.
Recent research from the USA states that although more Americans are partaking in exercise regularly there is still a rise in obesity. This made interesting reading as a lot of previous research has looked at input and output of calories. Perhaps we are not aware of our calorie input, particularly the hidden refined sugars in our food, also are our serving sizes on the more generous side? I firmly believe it’s about balance
and moderation. However, I do wonder are we are making poor choices when it comes to food?
Let’s have a look at some food choices and then you can decide if you need to change your eating plan. If you study the choices listed you will notice a range of healthy choices and others which may be an occasional choice. It is important to remember we need to kick start our metabolism. It has been said that breakfast is the best meal of the day, which I personally agree with,
unfortunately too many people don’t have breakfast which can mean we don’t kick start our metabolism. The body thinks it’s in starvation mode and we slow down our metabolic rate.
My daily allowance is about 2,000 calories per day. I could achieve this by having three healthy meals per day or, alternately, I can incorporate two snacks - one mid-morning and one mid- afternoon - and make my meals slightly smaller, which keeps my blood sugar levels at the right balance.

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