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Breakfast Choices: Important meal
• Porridge with nuts - approximately 350 calories.
• Cup of tea – 15 calories (this is not enough to kick start our metabolism).
Choices for Lunch:
• Tuna salad: approximately 400 calories.
• Chicken Pasta: approximately 450 calories.
Two Digestive biscuits:
approx.120 calories and 180 calories if chocolate is on the biscuit.
• Chocolate Orange: approximately 235 calories for five wedges. For 20 wedges it would be 940 calories.
Dinner Choices:
• Haggis,neepsandtatties:approximately440calories.
• Fish,chipsandmushypeas:approximately1140calories. • Haddockandfreshvegetables:approximately400calories.
Wee Treats:
One Roses chocolate: One Malt Whiskey: Pint of Guinness: Pint of Stella:
Pint of coke: Water:
Pringles, 16 crisps: Quavers, per pack: Mars Bar: Chocolate bar 42g: Apple:
60 calories (can you just have one?). 60 calories (can you just have one?). 210 calories.
256 calories.
220 calories. 0 calories. 150 calories. 90 calories. 260 calories. 228 calories. 50 calories. 85 calories.
Carrot stick, one stick: 6 calories.
135 calories. 96 calories.
The new gym layout at Huyton Community Fire Station. Photos supplied by Bill Pirrie.
The staff at Huyton Community Fire Station are delighted with their refurbished gym. Bill Pirrie arranged for refurbished equipment to be put into Huyton station and dispose of the older equipment.
Bill said: “When I was doing my station gyms’ survey I realised that Huyton’s gym was a high priority to get a refurbishment. So, with the walls painted and the new equipment delivered, we were able to revitalise the gym. I would like to thank the staff at Huyton, particularly Chris Howarth’s team on Blue Watch for being so proactive in assisting in the removal and redeployment of the gym equipment. The feedback from the staff is they now have a gym which invites you to do your workout, which is great for the health and wellbeing of all staff.”
Bite Size
Photo by Stacey Spensley from Flickr.
Equipped For Exercise
Poach eggs
and wholemeal toast - approximately
200 calories.
Big Mac meal:
approximately 900 calories.
Photo by SimonQ from Flickr.
Photo by Phil Dragash from Flickr.
Firefighters get to see the new gym at Huyton Community Fire Station.

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