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A team of firefighters from Croxteth, who rescued a man from 13 floors above the ground, received a Merseyside Police Area Commander’s Commendation for a incident in Birkenhead.
The firefighters, who are also members of the Search and Rescue Team (SRT), were sent to support local firefighter colleagues from Birkenhead and Wallasey community fire stations at the scene to help the man.
After liaising with police officers, the SRT was deployed, along with a member of North West Ambulance Service’s Hazardous Area Response Team (HART), to complete what was a very challenging rescue on October 27, 2012.
They were supported by the Incident Management Team and local fire crews managed to take hold of the man, who was directly over a 40-metre drop at St Neston Gardens in Churchview Road, Birkenhead.
One of the Croxteth firefighters described how he could feel the man’s clothing stretching in his hands, as he struggled to prevent him falling to certain death.
The four Croxteth crew members were Watch Manager Chris Parrington and Firefighters Mark Holland, Janet Robinson and Stephen Ainsworth. Firefighter Mark Holland was unable to make the presentation at the Leverhulme Hotel in Port Sunlight. They received an Area Commander’s Certificate of Commendation for their rescue and work on the night.
Two members of the North West Ambulance Service Hazard Area Response Team (HART) who helped during the rescue also received an Area Commander’s Certificate of Commendation.
One police officer, an Inspector at the scene on the night, was also presented with a Certificate of Commendation at the same event at the Leverhulme Hotel in Port Sunlight. Two further police officers also received a letter of thanks from the Area Commander.
Area Commander John Martin said: "All the emergency services personnel worked together as a team in an extremely challenging and stressful situation. At any time this man might have fallen from a considerable height so police officers and their colleagues in the fire service used all their training to get the man down safely. This did this putting their own safety at risk and it has been a pleasure to officially commend and thank them for what they all did."
Watch Manager Chris Parrington, who has served with Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service for 24 years, said: “We feel very proud this award and this is just one example of how we work with multiple agencies including paramedics and police to achieve positive outcomes across the communities of Merseyside.”
Station Manager Paul Lawless, who was also sent to the scene and was the Officer In Charge for the rescue, received a letter of thanks from the Chief Fire Officer for his actions on the day.
A staff survey will take place later this year. The Service wants to gain your views on a number of areas. Make your voice heard. More information will be provided later this year.
The SRT and the two members of the NWAS Hazard Area Response Team with their Merseyside Police Area Commander’s Commendation.

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