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Group Manager Paul Hitchen with firefighters, North West Cancer Research representatives and cancer scientists from the University of Liverpool.
Funds from a limited edition model of our Lilly The Pink fire engine have been donated to North West Cancer Research.
A miniature version of the appliance made by Oxford Diecast, of which 1,500 models were produced, raised £3,750.
Lilly was unveiled during the Year of Action on Cancer in Merseyside.
Last year Oxford Diecast made a 1:76 scale model of the Scania appliance, which was sold at £15.25 and was available online as well as at model shops stocking their product.
A donation of £2.50 from each model was to be made to the cancer research charity.
The funds were handed over to North West Cancer Research by Group Manager Paul Hitchen, who came up with the idea for the pink fire appliance.
Group Manager Hitchen said: “It is great to see that the model version of the appliance has been so popular and has managed to raise funds for cancer research.”
Emma Squibb, Research Engagement Executive at North West Cancer Research, said: “Lilly the Pink Fire Engine has been a great success, and a fantastic, fun and novel way to get people talking about cancer. We are of course delighted that Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service on behalf of Oxford Diecast
has kindly donated the funds from the sale of models of the fire engine, to help support research in Liverpool.
“We hope to carry on working with MF&RS to continue to raise awareness of cancer, and our research, and are extremely grateful to Paul Hitchen whose idea Lilly was originally."
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan added: “The pink fire engine has been seen by many people as an operational appliance and also at community events. If its cancer awareness messages can help raise awareness to help the early detection
of cancer, it is a great achievement.”
Diamark Bennett, cancer research scientist from the University of Liverpool University; Group Manager Paul Hitchen and Anne Jackson, Chief Executive of North West Cancer Research, pictured with the model pink fire engine.
Wheels Of Fortune
Members of Sefton Advanced Motorcyclists (SAM) have donated hundreds of pounds to The Fire Fighters Charity.
The group is part of the national Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and it runs three motorcycle rider safety courses a year, on Saturday mornings from Southport Community Fire Station.
Advanced motorcycle courses are open to any motorcyclist with a full riding licence who may wish to improve their riding skills therefore enabling them to be more aware of other road users and helping them remain safer on the roads.
The group’s observers donated money that they receive for fuel to The Fire Fighters Charity, as a thank you for the use of the facilities in Southport.
They donated £235 to the charity and Firefighter Andy Shotton who is a member of SAM, presented the cheque to Group Manager Rob Pritchard, Sefton District Manager who accepted the donation on behalf of the charity. or for information about the IAM email or call Andy Shotton directly on 07913 110380.
Photos by Lyndsay Young.
Firefighter Andy Shotton with the Sefton Advanced Motorcyclists, pictured with Group Manager Rob Pritchard at Southport Community Fire Station. Photo by Lyndsay Young.

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