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Heat Homes Safely
Watch Manager Michael Currin and firefighter Chris Robinson in West Derby during the reassurance campaign.
More than 300 homes were visited by our staff in a large campaign
after a man died
following a house fire
in West Derby.
Firefighters and fire
prevention staff from our Service carried out 100 Home Fire Safety Checks at
properties during the reassurance campaign.
They offered advice on safe heating, the importance of having working smoke alarms and urged people to look out for elderly vulnerable people in the community.
It followed a serious fire at a house in Bevan’s Lane in West Derby, on Wednesday, April 1. Three fire appliances were called out at around 4.17am. Firefighters carried a 78-year-old man from the property and handed him into the care of paramedics however the man died a short time later.
It is suspected the fire started accidentally and involved combustible materials near a gas fire.
The reassurance campaign was carried out in roads surrounding Bevan's Lane.
Mike Buratti, South Liverpool District Prevention
Manager, said: "During the reassurance campaign our
firefighters and staff offered advice on safe heating.
People should keep combustible materials away from
heating and fires.
"Residents are also advised to have a working smoke
alarm on each level of their home and to test them each
"We would also ask people to check on their elderly
relatives and neighbours, to ensure they have working
smoke alarms fitted.
"If a fire occurs in the home, people should get out, stay out and call 999."
Firefighters were called after a tree was blown over near two properties.
Our Service was called at 11.57pm on Monday, March 30, to Hartington Road, near Toxteth Park cemetery in Liverpool.
There were no reports of anyone trapped or injured at the scene. Firefighters assessed the scene, cordoned off the area, gave advice to people in the buildings and requested the council attend the scene.
Some guttering was damaged on two properties.
Two fire appliances responded to the call-out along with the Search and Rescue Team after reports people were trapped in a building at the scene after a tree had blown over.
Firefighters were also called after approximately 20- square metres of plywood hoarding had blown into a road and two vehicles.
Our Service was called at 11.54pm on Monday, March 30, to a road off Prescot Road, Old Swan.
Firefighters made the area safe. One fire appliance attended the call-out.
There were six call-outs about the winds’ affects between 7pm on March 30 and 8am on March 31.
Watch Manager Marvin Yates, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Toxteth Community Fire Station, said: “An estimated 15-foot long section of the tree had toppled towards the properties causing some damage to tiles on the roof of the property and some guttering. No-one was trapped at the scene.”
Photos by Lyndsay Young.
Firefighter Chris Robinson visiting homes in West Derby during the reassurance campaign.

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