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Firefighters rescued two snakes following a fire involving a snake vivarium at a flat in Wirral.
Our Service attended Big Meadow Road in Woodchurch at around 8.20pm on Saturday, April 11.
Firefighters rescued two snakes from the flat and removed them to a place of safety. Hard wired smoke alarms activated and alerted a neighbour to the fire.
Two fire appliances from Upton and Birkenhead community fire stations were called out. Firefighters were at the scene for around 40 minutes.
Firefighters were called out to a suspected deliberate fire involving a tree stump in Wirral.
Our Service attended Torr Park, on Eastham Village Road, in Eastham, just after 8.30pm on Friday, April 10.
The fire involved a tree stump at the rear of a bowling green and it is suspected that the fire was started deliberately.
A fire appliance from Bromborough Community Fire Station was called out and firefighters were at the scene for around 20 minutes.
Test For Carbon Monoxide
Firefighters were called after a report that a carbon monoxide alarm activated at a house in Southport.
They attended a property near Southbank Road just before 6pm on Monday, April 6.
Carbon monoxide is known as the “Silent Killer” because you can’t see it, taste it or smell it and it can kill quickly with no warning.
Crew Manager Chris Allan, who attended with Blue Watch at Southport Community Fire Station, said: “We responded to a report of a Carbon Monoxide alarm activating at a property. A woman had said she had been feeling dizzy and tired, which can be a sign of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
“Firefighters entered the property and used equipment that we carry on fire appliances to test for levels of Carbon Monoxide. The equipment did not detect any Carbon Monoxide in the property.
“Firefighters ventilated the property to clear any potential Carbon Monoxide (CO) inside.
“We advise people get all gas and fuel burning appliances checked by a registered engineer each year and we advise people fit CO detectors.”
A gas engineer also attended and isolated the gas supply.
Firefighters also requested an ambulance to check on the woman. One fire appliance from Southport Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
In 2013, fire appliances in Merseyside started taking part in a new project to highlight the threat of carbon monoxide to homes across the area.
The awareness campaign by the Gas Safe Register saw six fire appliances across Merseyside carrying messages raising awareness of the risks of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and encouraging the public to have their gas appliances safety checked annually. These messages are still being carried on a number of our fire appliances.

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