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Firefighter car washes help service run by Red Cross volunteers to support people. Find out more on Pages 8 and 9.
Operational Incidents
Old friends drop by
People On The Move
Workshop fuels new approach Firefighter fundraising helps appeal New recruits join our Service Campaign promotes safety
Tackling nuisance fires Clean sweep co-ordinated Well Well Well Operational Incidents
The Final Word
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Welcome to the May edition of Hot News. I hope you enjoy reading what we have in this edition. May has seen our Service support Deaf Awareness Week and Arson Awareness Week and we will have some information on how we reached communities on the latter week in the June edition.
A new film which includes sign language was released on our Service YouTube page for Deaf Awareness Week to help get our safety messages out to people.
A work request form has also been created for people at our Service who want to order any design work for items including posters, flyers, publications or requests for any promotional filming or other multimedia- type requests.
Anyone wishing to order or request any of the above, including promotional materials for events and safety messages, must read Service Instruction 0834 Print Services, Graphic Design and Video Production Requests.
The work request form can be found on the Corporate Communications pages of the Portal. Corporate Communications is a title under the “Functions” menu near the top of the Portal home page.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this edition.
Karl Mansfield, Editor
0151 296 4412 or email:
Main cover picture:
These are the new recruits who have joined our Service.
To meet them and see what they have been doing during training go to Pages 10-11. Photo by Lyndsay Young.
See Page 6 and Page 7 for more.
Calling Into Control. Why did this visit take place? See Page 5.

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