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Sharon Devlin, FES Co-ordinator for Merseyside, stands at the front of the photo with volunteers from the British Red Cross behind her who help to provide the FES vehicle and Watch Manager Kev Hollis, from Blue Watch at Birkenhead Community Fire Station.
A new specially adapted fire and emergency support service (FES) vehicle to help victims of fires, floods, power outages and other emergencies in Merseyside has been bought after a fundraising appeal.
The new vehicle is a Fiat and replaces a Peugeot which was 15-years-old. It was delivered in March 2015 following fundraising that took place during 2014 and a donation of £10,000 matched funding by a businessman.
Firefighters also staged a number of car washes in Merseyside to raise funds for both the new Red Cross vehicle and The Fire Fighters Charity. Events included a car wash at Huyton Community Fire Station in September and one in May 2014 at Old Swan Community Fire Station.
In total £40,000 was raised for the vehicle.
The new vehicle, which is based at Liverpool City Community Fire Station, is now on the road helping people in crisis across Merseyside.
The Merseyside FES vehicle is run by volunteers from the British Red Cross who can help secure temporary accommodation and contact insurance companies as well as provide toiletries and clothes - including baby clothes. Hot drinks can also be made in the vehicle or meals including soup and pasta in a pot for members of the public. Crucially, volunteers are trained to provide emotional support, which can make a huge difference at such a distressing time.
Fire officers at incidents can request the assistance of the fire and emergency support service (FES), which is provided by the Merseyside branch of the British Red Cross, to attend to offer support to the residents of the affected properties.
In 2014, the FES vehicle was called out 67 times and in 2013 it attended 57 incidents. So far in 2015 it has been called out 8 times.
In September 2014, volunteers supported a number of people who had evacuated their properties after a severe house fire in Haydock. They also offered assistance and support to three people rescued by firefighters after a fire in West Kirby in May 2014.
Left to right is: Watch Manager Dave Perrin from Blue Watch at Kirkdale Community Fire Station, British Red Cross volunteers Lynda Dawkins and David Flynn and , Sharon Devlin and Firefighter Ray Scaife, who stands on the far right of the photo and is also from Blue Watch at Kirkdale Community Fire station.
Photos: Karl Mansfield.

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