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Sharon Devlin, who co-ordinates the fire and emergency support service in Merseyside, said: “It is a fantastic achievement to have raised so much money to replace our vehicle with a modern vehicle that will help provide support and assistance to members of the public who may be affected by fire, floods, power outages and other emergencies.
Sharon added: “Our volunteers have been able to help many people with various issues over the last year including contacting insurers and surveyors to assess post-fire damage, finding alternative accommodation when a property is uninhabitable and providing clothes and food to individuals affected as well as emotional support to families who are vulnerable following an incident. We can and have made a real difference.
“I would like to thank everyone who donated to the fundraising and thank Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and their firefighters and staff for the support and help they have given me over the past 2 1⁄2 years. I really do appreciate it.
“I would also like to thank all the Watch Managers and Firefighters who helped us with car washes to raise
FES can be requested through Fire Control and they can contact the Red Cross to arrange a response. FES can attend hospitals for emotional support of casualties and have delivered this in the past.
Sharon added:“If possible, I would really urge the incident commanders to please take the details of any person who they think would benefit from some support and pass this on to Fire Control. If no personal details are available then FES only needs an address and they will attend and ascertain who, if anyone, needs assistance. The FES team will attend and contact the person direct when they can. FES can contact individuals affected by crisis at any time day or night if they are requested.
“Our passionate and dedicated volunteers have maintained a 100% success rate with regards to responding to incidents we are requested at.”
Sharon also said that she is happy to meet with any Watches to highlight the role the vehicle and its volunteers can have at an incident after the emergency has been dealt with. Watch Managers can contact to arrange a visit to inform firefighters on stations.
A new agreement has been made to help provide people with safe heating equipment in Merseyside.
The British Red Cross fire and emergency support service (FES) vehicle will deliver oil-filled radiators to vulnerable people identified by our Service as in need following, for example, isolation of gas, or their central heating not functioning.
A memorandum of understanding was agreed following work at Upton Community Fire Station and West Kirby Community Fire Station.
Station Manager Steve Gadsdon said: “This agreement will allow more flexibility in delivering heaters to help those who are more vulnerable in the community.
“Fire officers at incidents can request FES to attend to support people affected by fire or flooding but can also make the request for the oil-filled heaters in situations where the occupiers, who are considered vulnerable, are left with no heating means.
Station Manager Steve Gadsdon with Sharon Devlin, FES co-ordinator in Merseyside at Upton Community Fire Station. British Red Cross volunteers stand in the background with the new FES vehicle.
“As part of a joint project, with the Wirral West constituency team, to support the vulnerable elderly, we have received many referrals over the winter months from organisations including Age UK, Wirral Healthy Homes Team, Magenta Living and the charity Energy Projects Plus. This project had been a trial project during the winter months and the agreement with FES provides support for continuing it into the future.”
Fire officers at incidents can request the assistance of the fire and emergency support service (FES), which is provided by the Merseyside branch of the British Red Cross to attend to offer support to the residents of the affected properties.

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