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Nearly 300 properties were visited in a day as part of a reassurance campaign involving up to ten fire appliances in Toxteth.
The reassurance campaign saw firefighters and frontline prevention staff highlighting safety messages after firefighters were called to a fire in a second floor flat.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 8.43pm on Saturday, October 4, to Kingsley Road, Toxteth.
It was confirmed at the scene the fire was extinguished by 9.04pm. There was severe fire damage to a bedroom of the property.
An elderly woman brought out of the flat by firefighters was taken to hospital.
During the reassurance campaign on October 9, 62 Home Fire Safety Checks (HFSCs) were completed and fire safety leaflets were delivered to 230 properties.
A fire appliance from Toxteth Community Fire Station and one from Kensington Community Fire Station and the Incident Management Team attended the call-out.
Joanne Henderson, District Prevention Manager for Liverpool South, said: “During our main campaign day, four properties were identified as ‘high risk’ of either experiencing a fire or people most vulnerable if a fire were to start where they lived. They were referred to the Prevention team who will carry out additional visits and see what additional fire safety measures could be introduced in their homes.
“Firefighters and frontline fire prevention staff highlighted areas including the safe disposal of smoking materials such as cigarettes and matches and the importance of having working smoke alarms on each level of a home.
“If you have someone that may be vulnerable that you know about and you think they may not have been visited by us, then please contact 0800 7315958.”
An investigation into the cause of the fire took place during Saturday evening and a member of the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Incident Investigation Team visited the property on Sunday, October 6, to continue the investigation into the cause.
Station Manager Mark Thomas said: “The crews responded quickly to a scene where there was a developing fire in a second floor flat. Four firefighters wearing breathing apparatus deployed quickly to reach anyone inside. The lady was brought out to paramedics who could give her immediate care. Smoke alarms activated in the flat and that alerted neighbours to the fire.
“The investigation into the cause of the fire is continuing but, at this stage the suspected cause of the fire was accidental due to a lit match that had dropped onto bedding.”
For free fire safety advice call 0800 7315958 or go to
Left to right is Watch Manager Jim Murray, Firefighter Ian Moss and Firefighter Duff Fawcett from Red Watch at Allerton Community Fire Station. Photo: Karl Mansfield.
Time to Test
Firefighter Andy Lenwey of Croxteth Community Fire Station testing a smoke alarm at a property in October. Photo by Lyndsay Young.
Residents in Merseyside were urged to test their smoke alarms when they put their clocks back at the weekend.
Figures revealed that in a third of accidental house fires attended by MF&RS from the beginning of January 2012, to mid-October 2014, there were no smoke alarms present.
There were 3067 accidental house fires on Merseyside from January 1, 2012. In 1054 of those incidents, there were no smoke alarms present and in 22 incidents, the batteries had been removed from the smoke alarms.
In partnership with the Fire Kills campaign, MF&RS urged people to test their smoke alarms when they put their clocks back on October 26.
Football clubs including Tranmere Rovers FC, Southport FC and Marine FC, helped us spread the message this year by making an announcement at the beginning of their matches, reminding fans to test their smoke alarms when they put their clocks back.
In March 2014 nearly one in seven people tested their smoke alarms
when they put their clocks forward. The aim was to encourage even more to test them in the autumn and Fire Kills urged people to Tick Tock Test.
Kevin Johnson, MF&RS Home Safety Manager, said: “A working smoke alarm can give you the valuable seconds needed to escape a house fire.
“People are at least four times more likely to die if they don’t have a working smoke alarm, so taking the time to test smoke alarms could be a life-saving decision.”
The new Fire Kills campaign focuses on the deadly effect of smoke – engulfing innocent victims as they sleep.
Knowsley had 293 accidental house fires from January 1, 2012 and in 104 of those there were no smoke alarms. Liverpool had 1178 incidents and 379 had no smoke alarms present; Sefton had 587 incidents and 248 had no smoke alarms; Wirral had 708 incidents and 233 had no smoke alarms and St Helens has had 301 incidents, of which 90 had no smoke alarms.

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